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Fuzzle Reborn! Building on GalaChain

Fuzzle Reborn! Building on GalaChain

Fuzzles are back!!! Thanks to a dedicated group of community members, they are ready to start building the Fuzzle empire!

What the Fuzz?

For those of you who are out of the loop, here’s a little background on Fuzzles.

Fuzzles are a collection of AI NFT companions that were developed by EndlessAI and released through the Gala store on April 27, 2022. While the Fuzzle community was strong and loved these adorable alien creatures, development gradually slowed on the NFT collection.

This is web3 though, and the dedicated community of Fuzzle owners wasn’t helpless. Through the Fuzzle Prime DAO, Fuzzle owners banded together to negotiate with EndlessAI over the project. In December of 2023, they announced that they had officially taken over the intellectual property rights for Fuzzle from EndlessAI.

Fuzzles Invading GalaChain

This started a new wave of community development on the project. The new home of Fuzzles,, is still under construction, but already there have been some pretty big strides.

“We all had unmet expectations,” commented GingerBreadMan, Community Developer for Fuzzles. “Now that the community runs the project, we can fulfill those expectations together in a more fruitful way for everyone involved.”

Read more about community plans on Fuzzle Prime’s Medium blog:

Fuzzles will be building out features on GalaChain in the coming months, with that effort already obvious from a super cool Gala Music widget available while you’re hanging with Fuzzle on their homepage. We’re excited to see all the new projects coming to take advantage of GalaChain’s scalability, speed and efficiency… but it’s especially thrilling to see these adorable alien overlords coming back and building here.

Web3 as it Should Be

We talk about community empowerment and the freedom that web3 brings to people all the time, but this stands as a shining example of what web3 can be. EndlessAI brought an NFT collection that people loved, and the community didn’t have to lay down and let it go when things didn’t go as expected.

The Fuzzle Prime DAO features a voting system in which all Fuzzle holders can vote in decisions, and each Fuzzle holder is entitled to a portion of credits spent on the Fuzzle platform. 

This is how web3 is supposed to work. Community, empowered. Congratulations to the Fuzzle Prime DAO for all their accomplishments over the past year. We’re looking forward to what they can create on GalaChain!