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Last Expedition: Reset and New Rewards

Last Expedition: Reset and New Rewards

Attention Hunters! Strap in and prep your best loadouts, because we’re about to embark on a thrilling journey towards rewards.

It’s almost time to move forward with a major update. In preparation for an array of exciting future endeavors, we’re wiping the current leaderboards. While some of you more accomplished Hunters may feel daunted by this, we’re confident that you’ll regain all that clout and more in no time. On top of that, we’ve got some exciting rewards for your bold efforts in Aura extractions past.

Fear not, for this is just the beginning of something extraordinary!

We’re archiving all the previous leaderboard data, and to show our appreciation for your outstanding victories, you’ll get rewards to remind you of your triumphs and help you on the road ahead! 

These rewards will manifest as LE Minerals, LE Fragment Chunks, and LE Mineral Chunks, with fixed amounts of each awarded per win on your account.

Very soon these rewards will play crucial roles in the Last Expedition meta crafting system!

Start accumulating these rewards now, Hunters, as they’ll serve you well in the adventures that lie ahead. Get ready to forge your path to greatness!

Anyone can download and play on PC now through the link below. No Early Access token is required, so get out there!

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