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Making Digital Dreams Come True with Gala

Making Digital Dreams Come True with Gala

Last week during the world-famous Southeast Asia Blockchain Week, Gala was honored to stand as the title sponsor for an exclusive event called Digital Dreamland.

With so many blockchain companies around the world operating quietly in their own corners, empowered by the versatile remote capabilities of web3 tech and smart contracts, we’re always excited for an opportunity to travel the world and connect with other movers in the space.

Traveling and attending events has always been very important to us. We want the crypto and tech communities of the world to know that we’re here to stay. We’re not a bunch of anonymous hackers at some unknown location– We’re at the forefront of a revolution, doing everything we can to share the empowerment of web3 with the wider world. After all, we intend to become the world’s first blockchain to onboard a billion users. For that mission to prove successful, we must spread the word every chance we get.

Held in Bangkok’s magnificent Zilla Space, this event crafted an innovative and engaging environment, perfect for web3 visionaries.

GameFi Panel, featuring Jason Brink

Our President of Blockchain had a chance to join in a spirited and informative discussion about DeFi as it applies to the gaming sector. Blockchain applications to gaming to empower players with ownership and rewards have been some of the most important catalysts that have led to Gala’s rapidly growing success over the past few years.

Without the potential of gaming, we never would have constructed GalaChain with such immense and groundbreaking capabilities. When you’re building with the future of gaming in mind, you’re building for a world that lives at the cutting edge of the latest technology. Now that GalaChain entertainment first infrastructure is prepared to elevate countless crucial industries throughout the world.

In this panel, Jason was joined by a few other experts in the GameFi sector, from Star Atlas, Yield Guild, and Matr1x. The panel covered a wide range of GameFi related topics from player benefits to risk management, security and future trends.

GameFi all stars stopping for an awesome shot following a lively panel discussion.

Thanks for your Support

We love every opportunity to connect with the broader crypto community in web3, especially in Southeast Asia, a region that has continually proven a key player in the game of blockchain mass adoption.

Thanks to everyone who attended, and thanks to everyone out there working hard every day to bring their web3 digital dreams to life. Finally, a huge thank you to everyone in our amazing community; we couldn’t do this without you!

Making Digital Dreams Come True with Gala

Gala Presents Thailand’s Digital Dreamland NFT and GameFi Festival for Collaboration and Innovation

As we continue to pioneer into the new web3 world’s uncharted territories, Gala always acknowledges one of the most important truths of blockchain innovation: We are all stronger together.

We first built GalaChain for entertainment with Gala Games, Gala Music and Gala Film. These rapidly evolving and technologically demanding sectors gave us the freedom to build a L1 that could scale far beyond entertainment into countless world industries, empowering their users with the benefits of web3 tech. Through the open-source offering of the GalaChain SDK, we’ve enabled the next generation of developers to build on the most speedy, scalable and secure blockchain around.

Digital Dreamland

Gala is not only participating in but also sponsoring the NFT and GameFi festival in Thailand, Digital Dreamland, set to take place on April 25, 2024.

Digital Dreamland, a converging point during both MONEY20/20 and SEA Blockchain Week, is one of the largest SEABW related events, with hundreds of confirmed guests whose lives and careers are making waves in web3. Gala is excited to be represented at this exclusive industry event that will gather some of blockchain’s top minds for a promising day of collaboration and innovation.

President of Blockchain Jason Brink will be speaking and attending the event.

Attendance of Digital Dreamland is subject to admin approval, but if you’re interested in registering, you can do so here. If you’ll be attending SEA Blockchain Week, you’ll find a thorough list of SEABW side events here.

Hi-Powered Blockchain Networking

Digital Dreamland is where the future of digital ownership and interactive entertainment unfolds. The Gala team is looking forward to networking at the velocity of web3 with a diverse crowd encompassing NFT creators, collectors, game influencers, builders, investors and entrepreneurs.

The Latest in Web3 Innovations

With the way web3 has been embraced by many Southeast Asian countries, we expect this event to give us a powerful bird’s eye view of the latest ideas that are shaping the landscape of NFTs and GameFi. With top-tier showcases and sessions led by industry leaders, guests will learn about the latest innovations and how they’re revolutionizing the industry. Our participation highlights Gala’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of blockchain and entertainment technology.

Engaging and Impactful Discussions

Panel discussions at Digital Dreamland will cover a range of topics, from investment trends in NFTs and GameFi to the state of blockchain in Thailand and the evolving ecosystems of blockchain layers. These types of discussions are designed to provide deep insights and foster conversations that matter, often leading to the next breakthrough for ecosystems and communities such as Gala.

Event Details

  • Location: Zilla Space, FYI Center Building 2 Floor 11
  • Date: April 25, 2024
  • Time: 10:30 AM – 6:00 PM