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All Spider Tanks Items Available in $SILK

All Spider Tanks Items Available in $SILK

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Rev up your engines Pilots, because you’ve got a new way to grab upgrades in the arena! 

$SILK: The Universal Arena Token

From now on, every item will be able to be purchased in $SILK! While items like Components and Drop Ships have always been available in $SILK, certain Weapons, Bodies and Hero Tanks have only been available in $GALA, ETH or USD up to this point.

Being able to use $SILK on any explosive, implosive or otherwise destructive toys in the arena means you can turn your rewards into a new kit much easier!

While new Tanks in the arena may eventually mean more Victory Points coming from matches, all the $SILK that players use on those tanks increases the available $SILK to be distributed to all VP holders at the end of the day!

Battle How You Want

Now you can turn your growing pile of $SILK from your victories into new gear.  Your arena dreams can be as big as your win/day rating!

We hope that this change combined with the recent removal of The Honor System makes arena glory much more accessible to all Pilots out there.

This concludes the announcement. You may reignite your thrusters and arm your ordinance once the stage is cleared. 

See you in the arena, Pilots!