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Gala Film’s RZR Series Earns Primetime EMMY® Nomination for Mena Suvari’s Outstanding Performance

Gala Film’s RZR Series Earns Primetime EMMY® Nomination for Mena Suvari’s Outstanding Performance

We are thrilled to announce that David Bianchi’s RZR, the premiere series of Gala Film, has made a significant mark in the entertainment industry with a Primetime Emmy® Award nomination!

Mena Suvari has been nominated for Outstanding Performer in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series for her stellar role as Detective Thompson in this groundbreaking series.

A Vision Realized

Visionary creator David Bianchi, known for his deep appreciation for future dystopian science fiction, saw Gala Film as the perfect platform to launch RZR. As a web3 enthusiast, Bianchi was drawn to Gala Film’s innovative approach that aligns seamlessly with the technological themes explored in his series.

Gala Film’s decentralized platform, empowered by web3 technology, allowed Bianchi to deliver the gritty and compelling story of RZR in an authentic and engaging manner.

With Gala Film’s creatively empowering tools, such as unlockable Expansion content and a gamified Mystery Box reward system, Bianchi was able to craft a unique viewing experience. Additionally, fans of the show can support in a truly unique way, buying NFT “Moments” to unlock daily rewards. These web3 add-ons provided an interactive layer that takes fans deeper into the story, making the series not just a passive viewing experience but an immersive journey.

Mena Suvari’s Nomination

From the moment the Gala Film team witnessed Mena Suvari’s incredible performance as Detective Thompson, it was clear that an Emmy campaign was in order. The team’s unanimous decision to back Suvari’s performance has paid off with this prestigious nomination. We are elated to see her recognized for her exceptional talent and dedication to her role.

A Milestone for Web3

This nomination marks a monumental achievement for the web3 film industry that we are pioneering, being the first of its kind for a web3 film company. It signifies a new era where decentralized platforms like Gala Film are gaining recognition alongside traditional media giants. 

This nomination is a testament to the high-quality production and performance that Gala Film is committed to delivering, and we’re just getting started.

Celebrating the Team

The success of RZR is a collaborative victory, perfectly exemplifying the extraordinary work of David Bianchi, Mena Suvari and the entire RZR team. Their dedication, creativity and hard work have set an incredibly high standard for future projects on the Gala Film platform.

Looking Ahead

We are honored to have RZR kick off our platform, setting a benchmark for production and performance quality. This nomination goes beyond highlighting extraordinary talent to showcase the potential of what’s to come as Gala Film continues to expand its catalog of films and series.

Congratulations to the RZR team on this groundbreaking achievement. We eagerly await the September 15th Primetime Emmy results and look forward to celebrating many more milestones with our growing community. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Gala Film and continue to enjoy the captivating journey of RZR.

Join us in rooting for Mena Suvari and the entire RZR team as we celebrate this incredible achievement in the world of web3 cinema!For more information and to watch RZR, visit Gala Film.

A New Hero Rises in The Walking Dead: Empires Hero Card Sale

A New Hero Rises in The Walking Dead: Empires Hero Card Sale

Download and Play The Walking Dead: Empires

The world is torn and broken, and survival is the rule of the land. Still, new Heroes rise to rebuild civilization. Will they find a place among your empire?

Introducing Akane, an all-new Hero in The Walking Dead: Empires. Akane is a hardened survivor whose instincts for navigating the dangers of this world and cool demeanor could prove critical to your empire.

Akane Sale Details

The Akane sale starts on Friday, July 19th at 7am PT. All rarities except for Common will be available in this sale.  Here are the prices for various tiers and rarities. 👇

Purchase in the first tier to get the best prices!

The sale will continue until the allotted supply has run out, or the Card is removed to prepare for new Hero Cards.

All Akane Hero Cards fulfill directly to GalaChain and will be immediately available to use in the game.

Akane stands ready to fight for a brave new world.. Will you call on her?

The Survivor’s Trial

This week’s Survivor’s Trial event began just a few days ago. There’s still plenty of time left to rack up that experience and rise to the top of the leaderboard (With Akane’s help!)

Fight to Survive

It’s not always easy to survive out there. Akane’scrossbow is loaded, and she’s ready to face any threat out there on your behalf.
Stay safe out there, and stop by The Walking Dead: Empires Store tomorrow to pick up your Akane!

Getting $GALA: Swap, Play or Power

Getting $GALA: Swap, Play or Power

$GALA is the official token of the Gala web3 ecosystem. Consistently placed in the top 100 crypto tokens (by volume) on CoinMarketCap, this token acts as the fuel for a thriving and always growing web3 world, powered by GalaChain.

$GALA on Ethereum

When the development of our layer 1 blockchain had just begun, $GALA was first created as an Ethereum-based token. Even today, as GalaChain is fully operational and rapidly expanding, we strive for interoperability with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, recognizing it as the most widely used blockchain system today.

Bridging $GALA to and from Ethereum is easy, although it is no longer originally minted there. By bridging $GALA to Ethereum, users can take advantage of numerous dApps and exchanges, both centralized and decentralized.

On Ethereum’s massively popular secondary marketplace, OpenSea, you’ll find all the official Gala collections, making it easy to trade Gala ecosystem NFTs.

When your $GALA is on Ethereum, you can:

  • Create or fill buy and sell orders on dozens of Ethereum-based exchanges
  • Use it to make GalaChain purchases via your connected web3 wallet
  • Bridge it easily to GalaChain
  • Transfer it to other Ethereum wallets

How to connect your Ethereum wallet to you Gala account

$GALA on GalaChain

When new $GALA enters into circulation, it is created on GalaChain as a mint allowance, letting the owner decide when the official minting event should take place. Once it is minted from allowance to its tokenized form, it can be:

  • Spent in the GalaChain ecosystem
  • Used in Gala Games
  • Swapped on GalaSwap
  • Transferred to other accounts
  • Bridged to Ethereum

Getting $GALA

There are many ways to get $GALA beyond simply purchasing it from a crypto exchange where it is listed.

Rewards for Founder’s Node Operation

The main way that new $GALA enters the ecosystem is as a reward for the operation of Founder’s Nodes, which power the main Gala ecosystem DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network).

Based on the current total supply of $GALA in circulation, a set amount is allocated for distribution each day to all active Founder’s Node operators. This total distribution amount is distributed to active operators based on a daily point system that rewards each node based on the total amount of time they were active for the previous day. The greatest number of distribution points that can be attained by an operator in a day is 4– 1 for each 6 hour period in which their node was active.

Gala Founder’s Node licenses can be acquired here. They are easy to set up and run in the background of a user’s home computer through the Gala Node software, and they will generate $GALA rewards for every active day.

Rewards for Gameplay

Many of our games offer ways to receive $GALA for gameplay. Here’s a quick rundown of your options:

  1. Champions Arena

When you compete in the PvP Arena against other players and play with NFT Champions, you are eligible for Victory Points, which convert once daily into $GALA rewards that are delivered directly to your account. Even players who do not own NFT Champions can take advantage of the Nexus feature to borrow and play with NFTs owned by others for a share of the rewards!

Play Champions Arena now

  1. Legacy

By participating in Legacy’s Design competition events of various leagues, players can win Legacy Tickets, which are converted daily to $GALA prizes based on a reward allocation determined by the amount spent in the game.

Play Legacy now

  1. Echoes of Empire

In the 4X space adventure game Echoes of Empire, players build and defend their home bases while scouring celestial bodies in search of Stardust, an extremely rare and rewarding resource. Every day, 50% of the Stardust held by each player is systematically burned and $GALA is given as a prize from a reward allocation.

Play Echoes of Empire now

  1. Common Ground World

Gala’s strategic sim game of town and city builders is centered around a meta-shifting weekly competition in which players from all over the world try to make the most Stars, crafting and selling the flavor of the week! Don’t let the relaxing and adorable feel of the game fool you. It’s an intensely strategic battle for the leaderboards, but winners are well rewarded with $GALA prizes.

Play Common Ground World now

  1. Sweep It Poker

Our casual browser-based poker game hosts tables of Texas and Omaha Hold’em. Every day, players win as many chips as they can in the free-to-play game, collecting Sweepstakes entry tickets as they go. Each week hosts a handsome $GALA prize pool in which multiple winners are drawn and each Entry Ticket is a new chance to win!

Play Sweep It Poker now

Using GalaSwap

Every token available on GalaSwap may be swapped for $GALA. This includes project tokens that have been created by community members via the Project Token Creation Tool, as well as in-game currencies from games (like $TOLK, $MTRM and $ETIME) and wrapped versions of cryptos from other blockchains and GalaChain-based stablecoins (GUSDC and GUSDT). It only costs 1 $GALA to create or accept a swap. To start using GalaSwap, just log in with your Gala account credentials.

Trading on External Exchanges

Ethereum-based $GALA is available on dozens of exchanges in lots of different exchange pairs, making it accessible in almost every locality of the world. For a list of $GALA exchange pairings on both centralized (privately owned) and decentralized (open source, anonymous) exchanges, visit the Markets page of CoinMarketCap.

Interested in learning more about cryptocurrency exchanges?
“How to trade cryptocurrencies: A beginner’s guide to buy and sell digital currencies” –Cointelegraph

Receiving as Direct Transfer

Sending or receiving $GALA is very simple, whether on Ethereum or GalaChain.

On GalaChain

To send $GALA to another GalaChain account, follow these steps:

  1. Acquire the recipient’s GalaChain address – It will look like this:


  1. In you account’s Balances area, select $GALA (GalaChain) and choose Send $GALA (GalaChain).
  2. Enter the amount you’d like to send, along with the recipient’s address.
  3. Finalize the transaction with your Transfer Code and you’re all set. They should see their $GALA within a couple minutes.

To receive $GALA from another GalaChain account, follow these steps:

  1. Select Get GALA (GalaChain) in your account’s Balances page. 
  2. Share either the provided QR code or your GalaChain address with the sender.

On Ethereum

Sending and receiving $GALA on Ethereum works the same way as any other token on that blockchain. This should be self-explanatory within your preferred Ethereum wallet, such as Metamask. For added convenience, you can also conduct Ethereum transfers within your Gala account when your Metamask wallet is connected to your account.

Bridging $GALA

Moving $GALA from Ethereum to GalaChain (or vice versa) is easy through your Gala account with a connected Ethereum wallet such as Metamask. If your Ethereum wallet is not connected, you can connect it easily through your account’s Settings under Linked Accounts.

Bridging Fees:

Keep in mind that when bridging from one network to another, you are required to pay transactional fees for the network from which your tokens are departing.

Bridging from GalaChain to Ethereum costs a variable fee in $GALA.

Bridging from Ethereum to GalaChain costs a variable fee in $ETH.

Learn More about Bridges:
Metamask Learn – Bridging Blockchain Networks

Make Your Mark on the Web3 World

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech aren’t going anywhere soon, and people who take the time to learn the basics now will be glad they did when the rest of the world catches on.

With all the excitement surrounding the Telegram blockchain-based app (tApp) craze, mass adoption is closer than ever. Speaking of rewarding and exciting Telegram tokenization, have you played our awesome new tap-for-rewards game, Treasure Tapper? You can play absolutely free through your Telegram account, and the rewards you win will soon be minted as real crypto on both TON and GalaChain, onboarding a million (or many more) users to the empowerment of blockchain tech!

Start tapping for treasure today if you haven’t yet!

Message the bot 👉 

Thanks for being part of the Gala community!

Reliving Arcade Glory… on GalaChain!

Reliving Arcade Glory… on GalaChain!

Flashing lights and loud noises dominate your senses. Last quarter. This time you’ll get it for sure.

You pop it in and the screen comes to life. Dirk the Daring fearlessly gets to his heroic work. You use what you’ve learned all afternoon to navigate the treacherous path. It’s a perfect run so far. Just as you’re starting to get cocky, the Lizard King creeps out of nowhere. Game over. 

Just one of many horrible fates that befell Dirk the Daring.

Totally defeated and having lost your last quarter, you start to slink away from the machine. Almost automatically you sweep the coin return with two fingers – A quarter! Maybe one last game of Ninja Gaiden instead of trying your luck at this one again.

The Golden Age of the Arcade

If you were born before the 90s, chances are this sounded pretty familiar to you. All those of us who grew up in the time when the arcade was king distinctly remember those last quarter feels, or the sensation of poking at the coin return in the hopes that some other kid forgot their last coin in it.

Yes, arcades are still a thing. My daughter is quite fond of them. It’s hard to take her to a half abandoned and dilapidated arcade though and not have my mind drift to those days where games meant more than just tickets. When the arcade was the spot to be all summer long. 

Back then, the video games we could play at home were limited. Sure, depending on what decade we’re talking about there were Ataris, Commodores, NES and eventually even those late 90s persistent 300+ game shareware discs. The quality and quantity of games you could play from your couch, however, paled in comparison to wall to wall arcade cabinets and the sure chance of finding at least some of your friends at the arcade.

These were the days of no internet. The days of very limited multiplayer outside multi-joystick arcade games. The days when gaming culture was born… and that culture lived full-time at the arcade.

Dragon’s Lair, which I was referencing above, came out in 1983. Dragon’s Lair BLEW OUR MINDS! This was a time when most games were lines and dots on a screen, or at best they were made up of moving static images. Some of the highest tech out there had sprites for characters that had 2-3 poses at most.

Dragon’s Lair showed up with a Disney-quality, rotoscoped movie as its gameplay. They used the entirely new LaserDisc data format to encode a movie with multiple branching paths… one of the first examples of interactive media at this quality! It was impressive… so impressive, in fact, that sometimes you’d keep draining quarters into it even after you realized how punishing and impossible it was.

Not So Distant Beginnings

We’ve come a long way in a very short time with video game tech. The glory days of the arcade weren’t that long ago. Looking back, however, it’s really no wonder why we moved so fast. At the arcade, you could play 40+ new games in one day, talk about them with your friends, and watch hundreds of other kids playing (who were probably better than you) over their shoulder. We learned quick, which is why gaming learned quick.

Simple shapes and basic mechanics of games like Breakout gave way to slightly less simple shapes of games like Arkanoid. One by one, the kids pumping quarters in the games started to recognize genres and core mechanics. At first it was “Oh! It’s like Double Dragon”, but as our knowledge grew it quickly became “Oh! It’s a beat ’em up, co-op platformer”. 

Arcades were education. In those early days of the 70s and 80s, there were great game designers and programmers working on games. That was nothing compared to the kids they were training up though. No one had ever absorbed so much of the previously non-existent media of video games. 

Spoiler, some of us who put our time in at the local arcade ‘studying’ would go on to push gaming forward with this education. Soon the kids recognizing patterns in the games they pumped their quarters into grew into the young professionals propelling gaming into the next generation.

The Legacy of Arcades

Arcades may still exist, but they’re not always the bastion of culture they once were. That having been said, that culture is still very much alive. When my daughter used to lure three friends into her Minecraft world so they could run her newly created obstacle course, that felt very arcade. When I watch a Twitch stream and think my commentary actually adds to the group conversation, that feels a lot like crowding around the arcade champ’s shoulder while they’re taking challengers on in Killer Instinct.

I think you’d be hard pressed to find many who work in game dev today that don’t have fond memories of the arcade. This was the shared experience that helped raise us and led to the rapid progression of games through the past few decades. Whether you were setting your coins on deck for Space Invaders in the late 70s or trying to solo run The Simpsons Arcade Game in the early 90s, you helped create this industry.

There are cultures throughout the world where arcades still hold some of their former glory. Japan, notably, has sprawlingly huge arcades with an often ridiculous assortment of all kinds of games. Even those, however, are on the decline compared to their heights in previous decades.

Pictured: The Kabukicho pedestrian crossing in Tokyo, at the corner of Shinjuku Moa 2 Avenue and the Godzilla Road.
Though arcades are statistically on the decline in Japan, there are still whole districts with entire buildings devoted to nothing but arcade games.

Luckily, one thing out there is preserving the classic arcade feel… And I’m not talking about a room full of machines that dispense tickets so you can buy worthless prizes. That great force working to save some piece of this culture is probably the same thing that made you read this far – nostalgia. Adults love games too, and over the past decades we’re seeing far more arcades formatted for grownups.

It’s really no surprise that these ‘barcades’ have risen so quickly. Adults do love to play just as much as everyone else. Billions of people out there all have this shared experience of the arcade… is it any wonder we’d want to relive a little of that? Also, compared to the price of some leisure activities out there… my wallet and wife would much prefer I play some Ms. PacMan with a cheap beer in my hand for an hour or two rather than some of the alternatives.

Fun is fun, and arcades are fun that everyone can enjoy together.

Arcade Culture Comes to GalaChain

This long, nostalgic ramble has finally brought me to the point.  Those of you who have been around the Gala Community for a while may be aware of the Happy Valley Arcade Bar in Beacon, NY. The owners of this establishment have long been incredibly supportive and involved community icons across all things Gala… and they’re working on something absolutely amazing for all arcade fans.

They are currently building some of the world’s first web3 gaming cabinets. These arcade machines will connect to GalaChain and reward high scorers with $VALLEY. Eventually, these games may be playable on the PC, but the arcade cabinets is where the bulk of these tokens will come from.

Early footage from one of Happy Valley’s arcade games!

We here at a Gala are a bit on the outside looking in on this one, but I personally am VERY excited. Not only is it amazing to see people doing new and innovative things with GalaChain, but I really like the idea of a worldwide arcade high score battle. 

Information will be coming out soon from the Happy Valley team. I hear they are planning to sell arcade cabinets with $VALLEY potential among other things.

You don’t have to take my word for it though… head on over to to join their Discord server today!

See you at the arcade!!!

Spider Tanks Showcase: T-Rex

Spider Tanks Showcase: T-Rex

Welcome back to the Spider Tanks Showcase Pilots!

Today, we’re breaking down an ancient terror from our ancestral past – The T-Rex!

This terrifying, fire-breathing beast was first uncovered by Earthiologists decades ago. Research has since revealed much more about this ancient terror. 

The T-Rex was an unstoppable menace to early humans, and its ferocity can be seen in the arena. The limited archaeological context that’s been gleaned from the ancient discs indicates that T-Rex were originally bred as pets for human entertainment before breaking loose and nearly destroying the species.

 At the height of their saurian civilization, it’s thought that the biggest among them must’ve dined on as many as 400 or more humans a day to maintain their size and energy and ruled over half the planet. The rex was not as massive as the chicken, the long-reigning alpha predator of Earth. It did, however, still tower over all of human creation other than the largest of golf stadiumariums.

In the arena, Rex boasts the most powerful offensive weapon seen by these monstrous human creations throughout the distant history – anti-matter breath.

The King: Rex/T-Ray

The T-Rex Hero Tank is made up of the Rex Body, the T-Ray Weapon and the Prehistoric Skin. 

The Rex Body is quick and agile, representing the killer instincts of a true predator. Fabricated to scale, it actually runs quite light for its overall size. This Body won’t give you much in the way of Energy gain or durability, but it’ll zoom in for the kill when needed.

The T-Ray Weapon is entirely unique in the arena, as matter cannot stop its projection forward. It emanates from the Weapon in a very narrow cone. When you fire, your movement and turning motion will be slowed down until your ray powers down. This leaves you entirely vulnerable while your Weapon is firing, but anyone in range is also entirely vulnerable to your Weapon.

A Rex is excellent at sweeping up wounded Tanks after a fight.

The T-Rex struggles without a party to back it up, but with the right tactics it can absolutely destroy any opposing team.

Nowhere to Hide

The only way for enemies to avoid your T-Ray’s beam is by moving too quickly for it to hit them, or just running away. No amount of walls or barriers will save them. 

Walls and barriers are, however, still how they dodge the rest of your team. Often enemies will find themselves unable to concentrate on avoiding you and your allies at the same time, since how you attack is so wildly different.

If you find good cover and get protection from your allies, the enemy can be entirely stopped by the perimeter your ray creates. This is especially potent on location-based matches, like King of the Hill, Poultry Pusher… or really any Map with a bridge or choke point.

With the right positioning, they won’t be able to avoid your beam.

Your Rex is squishy, but it’s also super zoomy. Your T-Ray takes a split second to power down when you stop firing. With a little timing, you can learn to predict that delay and easily Speed Booster up and flee when you’re in danger. Put a wall between you and your enemy again using your speed, then crank up the antimatter!

Mix It Up

The Body and Weapon of T-Rex are awesome to use for different combos. The Rex body represents a solid light body with equal stats to the Chicken Body. Not quite as squishy as something like a Flea, but still with significant moving power when it needs it.

The T-Ray can be great across a number of different Bodies because of how totally unique of a Weapon it is. Those who find their Rex a little too squishy may do better with a medium sized, high energy Body like Jet or Hurricane. The extra Energy will leave you more room to apply your strategy flexibly, and the extra bulk will help you not explode.

Big Rex kind of creates cover where there is none.

A very heavy Body with a T-Ray provides a different experience altogether. With this style, you’ll function more like a stationary heavy turret on your team. 

Rather than having to hide away behind a wall like you do with Rex, using a heavy Body you could choose to be the wall yourself. How many good shots are they really going to get off on you when you’re spraying antimatter at them?

If you choose to play T-Rex with a heavy Body, make sure that you have a plan in place for melee Weapons. T-Ray doesn’t really have a defense against a Carver or a Flamethrower. Think about packing a grenade, Relay Drone or Reactive Plating.

Happy Hunting

That’ll do it for us at The Spider Tanks Showcase this week. Have fun out there with those T-Rays, and remember to exercise antimatter safety at all times in the arena. 

We’ll be back soon with another Spider Tanks Showcase… Next time we’re heading deep into the caves of Cacus to spotlight Dragon Cave. Have tactics you rely on in Dragon Cave? Let us know on Discord for a chance to be featured in next week’s showcase!

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