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Livestream First Look at Voyager: Ascension

Livestream First Look at Voyager: Ascension

We’re suited up and ready to dive into six degrees of freedom throughout the moons of Saturn tonight on Gala Games Plays!

Join us as we play live tonight at 3pm PT! Forgive our likely noobness… we’ll learn together!

Come provide moral support…. We’re going to need it!

Coming Soon

Voyager: Ascension will be the first ever 3rd party creator game released on Gala Games, coming on April 23rd! Prepare to forget dusty old concepts like ‘up’ or ‘down’ as you face zero G dogfights and treacherous terrain. 

We’re just a week away from everybody having a chance to hop in the driver’s seat of the Voyager Light Gunship for free! Join us today on the stream so you can be ready for the battle that’s coming.

GalaChain Devs: Non Fungible Tower Defense (NFTD)

GalaChain Devs: Non Fungible Tower Defense (NFTD)

Editor’s Note: We love spotlighting people building on GalaChain. The following article was written by Graham from the NFTD team, the top Judges’ Choice pick during March’s GALAthon. NFTD is a tower defence game being developed by several long-time Gala community members, who are currently working on integrating the game into GalaChain. The game itself offers multiple opportunities to utilize items from across the Gala ecosystem… we love some cross-utilization here at Gala!

Graham (who you may know as cryptograham on Discord) was gracious enough to write not only a description of NFTD and their work at the hackathon for us, but also gave some amazing insight into their process and design philosophy! Far be it from us to get in the middle here… so we’ll hand it off to Graham himself!

NFTD is an arcade style tower defence game with the goal of defending your fortress from endless waves of attacking enemies. You can mine resources in the game by placing resource extractors and use the proceeds of those extractions to buy and place towers to defend your base. There are a variety of towe rs you can place in the game; arrow towers, cannon towers, fire, ice, poison, etc.. all dependent on the NFTs you have in your connected wallets.

The towers in NFTD, are all representations of different NFT projects from various groups/companies throughout the web3 space. The Gala Games project Fortitude is the main source of inspiration, where holding a Fire Tower in your Ethereum or GalaChain wallet lets you place a similar themed fire tower in the game. Having one of the BT Orbs, which dropped about 2 years ago, lets you place an Orb inspired tower in the game with healing range effects on surrounding structures. 

You can find NFTD at!

Our Hackathon Work

During the GalaChain Hackathon at GDC, we introduced A Snoop Dogg inspired  “BeatBox” tower, where holders of the “Death Row Records – Gold Chain” NFT are able to place that tower in-game and holders of the “888 Inner Circle – Blue Realm” NFT can place the “Blue Realm Orb” tower.

Also at the hackathon, we introduced our own custom GalaChain contracts to create $HOPIA, our in-game minable token and “The Tower of Hopia”, a GalaChain NFT Tower purchasable in $HOPIA. $HOPIA is generated through mining activities performed by our in-game extractors. There is a small percentage chance of hitting a HOPIA Motherlode and being able to extract it.  This provides players with another in-game task of protecting their extractors in addition to their fortresses, so they can stay alive longer and get their hands on more of the token.

As part of our custom GalaChain contracts we also introduced functionality for starting and ending games with various pieces of data that we can store for after game analytics.  What’s really interesting about the way we did this is that when you start a game, the custom contract will lock the GalaChain NFTs you are using in-game.

So, when you start to play the game, you can’t immediately send your towers to someone else, that wouldn’t be fair.  Once the game ends, your towers are unlocked, and you can trade as you please.  This is really interesting functionality that I’ve only ever seen available to Galchain. It’s really neat!.

Image: Token lock snip

Caption: GalaChain is designed for utility and customization. This is just one benefit of permissioned contract functionality on GalaChain 

As a bonus, during the hackathon, we had the opportunity to chat with Mark Skaggs, a legend in the RTS space and one of the key minds behind Farmville, Red Alert 2, LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth, and numerous other successful titles. He played our game and was able to give us some excellent feedback on his experience and ways we could improve.

A wild Mark appeared!

This was invaluable information that we wouldn’t have received if we didn’t come in-person to the Hackathon. This moment alone was worth it for me. As an homage to him, we added a secret code in-game to unleash the Kirov Airship from Red Alert 2 in-game. I won’t tell you what the code is, but it’s in there.

The origin of the game

The idea for this sort of cross-chain interoperable game came from a conversation in the Gala Games Platinum Club discord, when forgedincrypto posted a picture of his Fortitude collection of NFTs sayings “Wouldn’t it be cool if I could actually play with these towers in game”, as the Fortitude game is still in development. I then responded, saying that I had built a tower-defence prototype a while ago, while learning some new game development coding concepts, and with a few changes, e.g.. adding in wallet lookups and putting in some specialty towers, we could put out a quick game for people to play while they wait for the real one to launch from the Fortitude developers.

I began working on the project to create the proof of concept, showed it to a few community members, which brought me in-contact with Timboslice (Tim) and Deadily (Drew), who were also excited by true interoperability in web3, so we partnered up, and they began working on a new art design direction.

In terms of how the three of us work on NFTD, Tim leads the design efforts, game art style, tower design, game lore, tokenomics and player economy management. Drew has built out the galachian blockchain integrations, custom contract code and the REST API layer to talk to GalaChain. I (Graham) do all the core game development work needed to play the game, taking the artwork and turning it into playable game objects, wave management systems, upgrades and game progression, scoring and leaderboards. I also do the web3 wallet and player authentication integrations too. There is a lot of stuff involved in making a game and we’re a pretty balanced team seeing it through.  

A lot of existing projects out there build their own NFT collection for their own games. What brought us all into the space was the promise of taking NFTs from one project and being able to use them in different projects, or in different ways entirely, as we own our own assets. 

As a kid growing up, I could take my Luke Skywalker (Star Wars) action figure and put him in my Ninja Turtles Party Wagon with Michelangelo (TMNT) and drive over to go all Cowabunga/Jedi on Shredder (TMNT) and his Cobra villain associates (G.I. Joe). That’s the level of true interoperability that the three of us are looking to build in the web3 space.

For me personally, over the past couple of years, I have been working on a few indie game projects taking NFTs from various projects and mashing them up into quick game prototypes. For example, one of my games, “Vox Battles: The Dead” ( puts characters from the Vox Collectables: The Walking Dead project into a zombie runner style game, where you play as one of the human VOX characters, scavenging for resources, weapons, health boosts, and batteries for your flashlight, you run around avoiding or killing the Walker VOX characters. As you play the game, the eerie music that plays in the background is actually from one of my NFTs from the BT Orbs collection. All of the characters that I used in that game were provided by community members (with attribution in-game).  

I have also been working on a multiplayer battle royale game called Vox Battles, which puts a group of Vox players into an arena, heavily inspired by the Hunger Games series, to battle it out until one person emerges victorious. You can wishlist it on steam now!

VOX Battles is live on Steam!

What I really love about working on NFTD, is that it really expands on the opportunity for interoperability, especially with the thematic design that Tim has created, where each NFT you own becomes a sort of chess piece available to use on your tower defence board, and depending on the board, you won’t be able to use them all at once, so you’ll have to be strategic with which pieces you bring into the match.

Future Plans

With NFTD we are just getting started. The 2D isometric version was our proof of concept, to see if there was appetite out there for a fast paced tower defence game bringing in NFTs from lots of different projects. Turns out, there is.

We’re committed to continue building out the experiences. Adding more NFT project integrations into the current version and working with Gala to bring NFTD to GalaChain, so you can generate $HOPIA and spend it… not just on the few select GalaChain Towers, like the Tower of Hopia, but also on a few other things.

Besides that, we are working on the competitive aspects of the game. The competition we held during the Hackathon saw about 100 players join in on the NFTD fun, but also showed a few platform vulnerabilities that we will need to work out. 

We are moving towards an authoritative server architecture, and I’m taking that opportunity to re-work some core logic and add a third dimension to the game.

In the coming months, as we continue to iterate and fine-tune NFTD with the community, our goal is to truly embody what web3 interoperability and collaboration are all about. If our work with Gala proves successful, GalaChain will play a central role in this mission and we are very excited to be building on chain.

As an editorial, the thoughts and opinions expressed in this article are those of individuals on the NFTD team and not of Gala.

You can check out more of Graham’s work with his studio at

We’re excited to hear more developments for NFTD on GalaChain in the future!

The “Last Chance” Creature Box Sale

The “Last Chance” Creature Box Sale

You lock eyes with your nemesis from across the boisterous tavern and all sound seems to stop as you begin to make your way to the table. He wears a cocky grin, clearly assuming his deck is prepared to best you, but your heightened sense of sight perceives a single bead of sweat falling down your opponent’s grimy cheek– Instantly you know that deep down he is unsure of what will ensue. Good. Keep him guessing. This fool has mocked you for the last time and today you’ll show him what it means to face a true champion. This is Chance, and it’s your turn.

Web3 Trading Cards

While building an unstoppable NFT Creature collection is not a requirement to find victory in the next generation trading card game, Legends Reborn, it certainly can’t hurt your chances.

GalaChain powered ownership brings a new strategic dimension into the classic TCG genre, and Legends Reborn’s uniquely compelling deckbuilding focus makes it a standout PvP adventure in the web3 world.

As recently announced in the Legends Reborn Economy Litepaper, your $TOLK rewards will quickly become the key that unlocks your continued growth in the game. In the very near future, NFT Creatures will only be available for $TOLK, which can only be received as a gameplay reward for the most worthy and skilled deck builders!

One Last Chance

Knowing it’s about to become tougher to get your hands on powerful NFT Creatures, the team at Clash Craft Studios has benevolently decreed a final “Last Chance” Creature Pack sale.

This sale will run only for a limited time, and only while supplies last, so do not hesitate.

Each Creature Pack contains a single NFT Creature, ranging from Common to Ancient. Creatures within Premium Packs are guaranteed Rare or better.

Last Chance Basic Creature Box – $100 $70

500 Packs available

80% Common
17% Uncommon
3% Rare

Last Chance Premium Creature Box – $500 $300

200 Packs available

80% Rare
17% Epic
2% Legendary
1% Ancient

Buy discounted “Last Chance” Creature Boxes are available now while supplies last in the Gala Games store.

Download and play Legends Reborn
We’ll see you at the tables of Chance, card warriors!

TVLI Brings “Home” to Gala Music as a Signature Edition NFT

TVLI Brings “Home” to Gala Music as a Signature Edition NFT

In a special Monday drop, Tali (TVLI) is making his Gala Music debut with “Home,” today–April 15, 2024 at 12pm PT. “Home” is a gateway to TVLI’s upcoming album, offering listeners a glimpse into the depth and breadth of his musical journey.

The Signature Edition NFT track drops today at 12pm PT– As with all Signature Editions, only 100 digital copies will be available for ownership. Listen now and watch the exclusive music video through the link below.

Listen to “Home” on Gala Music


TVLI’s musical odyssey began with piano lessons at five, evolving over the years as he mastered the guitar and contributed to various bands. His style, a unique blend of deep and melodic house beats, caught the eye of Grammy-nominated electronic music pioneer BT, leading to a pivotal signing with KSS3TE After Dark. This collaboration with BT and multi-platinum artist Christian Burns has been nothing short of transformative, allowing TVLI to refine his craft alongside industry giants.

However, Tali’s journey took an unexpected turn in 2015 when his deployment to the Middle East compelled him to leave his guitar behind. Rather than deterring him, the setback sparked his next phase of creative evolution. Tali turned to his laptop and Ableton, crafting a distinctive electronic sound that resonates with both depth and innovation. This ability to adapt and thrive underlies the essence of “Home,” embodying TVLI’s resilience and versatility.

TVLI on Instagram
TVLI website

Come “Home”

As with almost all Gala Music tracks, “Home” unlocks $MUSIC rewards for its owners. To receive daily rewards, track owners must simply pair their tracks with one of the active Gala Music Jukebox Nodes powering the Gala Music DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network).

Tracks like “Home” highlight Gala Music’s commitment to empowering artists and providing them with a platform to share some of the world’s most unique artistry. As we await the track drop of “Home,” it’s clear that TVLI is not just introducing us to his music; he’s inviting us into his world, a place where innovation meets tradition, and every note feels like coming home.

Don’t miss out on the chance to become part of TVLI’s journey into web3 music. Join us in welcoming Tali into our decentralized music world. Listen now and immerse yourself in the unique soundscape that is “Home.”

Join the Gala Music revolution

Filling up on POPCORN! with Gala Film

Filling up on POPCORN! with Gala Film

The first two episodes of David Bianchi’s dystopian sci-fi thriller series, RZR, are officially live, only on Gala Film. Anyone with a Gala account can watch for free, and new episodes will drop each week!

Have Some POPCORN!

Owners of RZR Moment NFTs are eligible for daily rewards based on the platform views of the series. These ownership rewards are the core of Gala Film’s empowering approach to production and distribution of exclusive video content.

The Gala Film Litepaper outlining the ecosystem’s economy and current plans for distribution of rewards has been updated to reflect the latest developments. A new reward structure will soon be implemented in which units of POPCORN! are awarded directly to users, rather than in buckets. This will take effect after all outstanding POPCORN! Buckets have been distributed to operators of Theater Nodes from before the launch.

While RZR is the only series on the platform, the NFT owner portion of all available “content incentive” rewards will be distributed to RZR Moment owners. In the future when other pieces of content (other shows and films) are added, these rewards will be proportionally weighted to those programs that receive more views.

In the long term, these rewards will be issued as $FILM, directly to owners’ accounts. However, until the initial token generation event of $FILM (coming within the next couple months), rewards will be issued via the placeholder token, POPCORN!.

When $FILM is created and first issued, it will be distributed to holders of POPCORN!, converting all POPCORN! To $FILM at a set rate. The rate of automatic exchange for POPCORN is 1 POPCORN = 10 $FILM*.

*These are the subject-to-change numbers listed in the Gala Film Litepaper.

POPCORN! Buckets

Throughout the in-development stages of the Gala Film platform, POPCORN! has been used to reward operators of Gala Film’s Theater Nodes. POPCORN! Buckets of various sizes were also found in some Common Ground World Mystery Boxes, which are no longer for sale. Operators have received POPCORN! each day for which their Theater Nodes (formerly known as a “Gala Film Nodes”) were active for the minimum 6-hour requirement. Additionally, a bonus “streak” system (described below) was employed to ensure that extra POPCORN! rewards were given to those who operated their nodes for consecutive days.

Following the platform launch going forward, both NFT owners and Node operators will receive single units of POPCORN! instead of buckets. When this switch is made, the issuance of POPCORN! Buckets will be retired. Then when $FILM is first generated, all POPCORN! (whether single unit or Bucket) will be redeemable for $FILM.

Number of POPCORN! units in each bucket:

Welcome Bucket = 1 POPCORN!

Small Bucket = 10 POPCORN!
Medium Bucket = 25 POPCORN!
Large Bucket = 50 POPCORN!
Extra Large Bucket = 100 POPCORN!
Mega Bucket = 150 POPCORN!

These “Bucket” items will remain Buckets in your Collection until the $FILM token generation event, when all owners will have the option to exchange POPCORN! Buckets for $FILM, according to the values above + additional TBA streak bonuses.

POPCORN! That Never Goes Stale

Unlike your belly, your Gala account has room for all the POPCORN! you can gather. If you’re looking to start a new POPCORN! collection in anticipation of $FILM, this is your chance! Start collecting RZR Moments as soon as you can, and consider becoming a Theater Node operator to power the future of film!

Extra Action

There are plenty of ways to get rewards in addition to collecting Moments and running a Theater Node. Certain “Ecosystem Supporting Behaviors” will also allow you to collect POPCORN!, including some that are immediately available with the RZR premiere and platform launch!

Learn more in the Gala Film Litepaper!