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The Years Electrify with New Single “Electric Intervention” on Gala Music

The Years Electrify with New Single “Electric Intervention” on Gala Music

Gala Music is proud to introduce a debut web3 track from The Years with their latest single, “Electric Intervention,” a poignant reflection on our modern digital dilemma.

Set for Signature Edition NFT drop on Wednesday, May 15th, the track is an electrifying blend of indie and alternative pop sounds that invites listeners to reconsider their relationships with technology and fame.

About The Years

The Years consists of Cecil Campanaro and Brian Stanley, a dynamic collaborative force in the Los Angeles indie music scene since their 2016 formation. Known for their evocative soundscapes and thoughtful lyrics, the duo gained early acclaim with their debut EP “Street Queen.” Their music has not only resonated with fans but has also captured the attention of major platforms, being featured on shows like HBO’s “Euphoria” and across networks such as NBC, MTV, and Netflix.

Electric Intervention

This unique song explores the theme of society’s overwhelming obsession with transient fame and the pervasive influence of technology. The track is crafted with pulsating rhythms and vibrant melodies that challenge listeners to disconnect from the noise of social media and reconnect with their genuine selves. This song is a call to action, urging an awakening to the real connections and experiences that life has to offer beyond the digital realm.

Listen to “Electric Intervention” now on Gala Music

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RPKprincess Returns with “Don’t Check on Me”

RPKprincess Returns with “Don’t Check on Me”

Meet RPK, your newest e-girl alter ego in the Gala Music galaxy. With her second Signature Edition, “Don’t Check on Me“, RPKprincess brings a raw and unfiltered slice of her heartbreak and isolation straight to your ears. Created in the solitude of March 2021, the track features haunting chords echoed by delay effects, underscored by robust 808s and drill drums. The lyrics, a blend of pain and spur-of-the-moment inspiration, are delivered in the raw intonation of the original recording, embodying the emotional weight of the moment they were conceived.

About RPKprincess

Bella, as she is known outside her digital persona RPK, encapsulates a vibrant DIY spirit. From crafting her own lyrics to producing her music and cover art, Bella’s creative autonomy shines through her work. 

“Meet me on the moon.”


Signature Edition Release

“Don’t Check on Me” drops on Gala Music as a Signature Edition on May 1st, 2024. Limited to only 100 copies, this release offers fans a piece of Bella’s personal saga. Own this track to unlock daily $MUSIC rewards while directly supporting a vibrant emerging alternative pop artist on Gala Music.

Listen to “Don’t Check on Me” now on Gala Music

Engage with the Track

To unlock regular rewards based on the track’s platform success, pair it with an active Gala Music Jukebox Node. With a reward multiplier of 20X (the max possible) and a guaranteed free drop of future editions of the track if/when they are unlocked, Signature Editions are the best way to maximize your $MUSIC rewards. You’ll find more details about Gala Music rewards in the Gala Music Whitepaper.

This is your chance to own a piece of the music and reap continuous benefits from your support.

Listen and Connect

Feel the depth of Bella’s artistry by visiting her official website and diving into her world. Prepare to be transported to a realm where each chord strikes a resonant blow and every lyric is a peek into the soul of RPK.

Previously, RPKprincess dropped “You Were Right” on April 11th. Check it out! 

Don’t miss out on this limited opportunity. Own a piece of RPKprincess’ music and help elevate her journey as a web3 artist. Listen now and be part of her rise in this revolutionary music ecosystem.

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Introducing Beau Radleigh with “Grudges” Signature Edition

Introducing Beau Radleigh with “Grudges” Signature Edition

Get ready for a new Gala Music artist debut and a transformative alternative/rock Signature Edition NFT. “Grudges” by Beau Radleigh is a heartfelt alternative rock song dedicated to anyone with “anxious attachment style.”  This new debut track drops its Signature Edition tomorrow, April 16th.

“Before falling in love with myself I’d get into these relationships and find myself holding my breath, waiting to be abandoned and for one of my imperfections to be held against me. Navigating a relationship through a mindset of feeling the need to change into a person that my partner wanted or ‘needed’ me to be instead of them accepting and loving me for who I already am.”

-Beau Radleigh

Beau Radleigh, a Detroit native raised in the vibrant cultural landscape of Los Angeles, brings a rich heritage of musical and creative talent. Born into a family of musicians and creators, Beau’s multifaceted artistic journey encompasses singing, songwriting, painting, dancing and fashion.

Despite the pressures of societal norms, Beau Radleigh embraced alternative rock music, forming a remarkable duo with King Theta. Their collaborative efforts have given rise to songs that resonate with Beau’s vision, reflecting her resilience and evolution through challenges, including her own triumph over addiction.

Beau Radleigh on X

“Grudges” is a warning against trying to conform to expectations coming from the opposite sidfe of a relationship and a rallying cry to always be yourself. Its release as a Signature Edition NFT offers a unique opportunity for fans to own a tangible piece of Beau’s heartfelt rebellion in the web3 music world. Limited to 100 copies, each NFT promises daily $MUSIC rewards wehen paired with an active Jukebox Node, amplifying its value through the track’s popularity on the platform.

Listen now and be part of a movement that champions genuine self-expression and the courage to defy the odds.

Listen to “Grudges” (prod. By Paul Seifert) now on Gala Music

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Ryahn’s “Rick James” Elevates Music Freedom

Ryahn’s “Rick James” Elevates Music Freedom

Join us in welcoming Ryahn to Gala Music with her debut NFT track, entitled “Rick James.”

Dropping its Signature Edition on April 11th, this track is a fresh breeze from the Alternative/Indie scene, a journey of emotional liberation and sonic exploration.

“Rick James” is about those moments when you find yourself at a crossroads, choosing liberation over stagnation. The song encapsulates the essence of letting go, dancing away the ties that bind you to someone who’s unwilling to change. Ryahn’s storytelling invites listeners into a world of musical freedom, where letting go is just as much a celebration as it is a challenge.

Listen to “Rick James” on Gala Music

This Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and guitarist brings a depth to her music that is both rare and raw. Her journey from South Florida to the heart of LA’s indie scene has been marked by a relentless pursuit of authenticity. Through “Baby Boy,” her debut single, to the acclaimed “Light Blue” EP, Ryahn has not just shared her music; she has shared herself, her struggles and her triumphs.

“Baby Boy” on Youtube

“Pop Star” on Youtube

The significance of “Rick James” extends beyond its lyrical depth and musical mastery. As a Signature Edition release, limited to only 100 copies, it represents a unique opportunity for fans and collectors alike to own one of the first pieces of Ryahn’s webj3 music history.

When paired with an active Jukebox Node, these NFT tracks entitle the owner to daily $MUSIC rewards based on the track’s platform popularity. As the rarest NFT edition possible on Gala Music, Signature tracks also come with the greatest possible reward multipliers.

In its most genuine form, music has the power to transcend barriers, connect hearts and catalyze change. “Rick James” is for those wandering in the limbo of waiting, a reminder that sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is let go and dance.

As we welcome her into our rapidly growing world of web3 music, Ryahn is inviting us into her world, offering a soundtrack to our own stories of liberation and joy.

Listen now to “Rick James” by Ryahn on Gala Music, and become part of the movement that champions the raw, unfiltered essence of music and the artists who dare to bare their souls. This is more than music; it’s a revolution.

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