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Unlock Your Mystery Box: Special Rewards for OpenDAO Airdrop Participants!

Unlock Your Mystery Box: Special Rewards for OpenDAO Airdrop Participants!

Announcing the latest phase in our DeFi Pioneer Rewards program, with chances for Gala newcomers with web3 experience to start with some great $MUSIC and $GALA reward, just for connecting a wallet.

This time, we’re recognizing participants from the OpenDAO airdrop of SOS tokens, which targeted OpenSea users based on their transaction volume in ETH, USDC and DAI. If you were a part of this event, a special surprise awaits you for connecting your qualifying wallet to a free Gala account.

Claim Your Gala Mystery Box

Do You Qualify for the Drop?

To find out if you qualify, simply connect the ETH wallet that was eligible to receive SOS tokens during the claiming period between December 24th, 2021, to June 30th, 2022. All wallets that transacted (bought, sold or listed) on OpenSea prior to December 23rd, 2021 were eligible for this airdrop. If that describes you, simply create a free account and connect your wallet to get started.

Once connected to a free Gala account, you’ll discover a Mystery Box loaded with exciting rewards that you can start trading immediately on GalaSwap.

What’s Inside?

Your Mystery Box includes various amounts of $MUSIC, along with some $GALA to cover GalaSwap trading fees.

With this event, there’s a chance to find anywhere from $5 to a whopping $100,000 in $MUSIC!

Create Check

  1. Create a Gala Account – If you don’t have a Gala account yet, sign up for free.
  2. Connect Your Metamask Wallet – Ensure it’s the same wallet that was eligible for the 2022 SOS airdrop.
  3. Check Your Inventory – Look under “Openable NFTs” to find your Mystery Box.

To Redeem

  1. Create a GalaChain Transfer Code – Go to your Account Settings to generate a code.
  2. Open Your Mystery Box – Use your transfer code to unlock your rewards.
  3. View Your Tokens – Your $MUSIC and $GALA will appear in your token Inventory.

Start Trading

Take advantage of GalaSwap, our rapidly growing platform for peer-to-peer token swaps. Here’s how:

  1. Login to GalaSwap – Use your Gala credentials at GalaSwap.
  2. Wrap Your $MUSIC – Convert $MUSIC to $GMUSIC for trading.
  3. Create a Swap – Enjoy low fees and seamless transactions.

Trading on GalaSwap also generates $GSWAP! Learn more here

Spread the Word!

Are you a web3 oldtimer? Encourage your friends and fellow OpenDAO participants to connect their wallets to see if they qualify for a Gala Mystery Box. Let’s build an even larger community of empowered web3 users together!

Even if you don’t qualify for this round of DeFi Pioneer rewards, there are plenty of opportunities to get rewarded in GalaChain’s web3 ecosystem, so create an account and connect your wallet today!