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RZR Sound Tracks & Interoperable Rewards

RZR Sound Tracks & Interoperable Rewards

With new episodes of David Bianchi’s edgy sci-fi thriller, RZR, dropping each week on Gala Film, Gala Music is ready to drop a couple more amazingly exclusive soundtrack NFTs from award winning cinematic composer Adrien Prevost. The next two tracks in the series drop today, April 26th, presale at 12pm PT and open sale (if any remain) at 1pm PT.

On Friday, April 12th (only a few days before the RZR world premiere), we dropped “Operation” and “I AM RZR.” Both tracks were sold out in less than an hour. Read on to learn why you may want to do everything you can to get a copy from this set into your collection.

Interoperability FTW

Ecosystem interoperability is one of the most important strengths of web3, and these Gala Music exclusive tracks are the perfect example of where we’re headed. Thanks to the unified power of GalaChain behind the scenes, users will have the ability to collect rewards from multiple platforms for the same items.

RZR NFT tracks will generate $MUSIC rewards not only for Gala Music plays, but also for Gala Film plays of the episode containing the track. 

Basically, episodes containing RZR tracks will count toward $MUSIC rewards for the owners of those tracks.

Learn more about $MUSIC and rewards in the Gala Music Whitepaper.


Presale for the next two tracks in the RZR Soundtrack series begins today, April 26th at 12pm PT. If any of the 100 copies of each track outlast the presale hour, the open sale will begin at 1pm PT. 

To qualify for this special presale, you must:

Hold at least 500 $MUSIC in your GalaChain wallet.

The Tracks

“Nightlife” – LISTEN NOW

This Gala exclusive track is a special bonus created in post production by RZR composer Adrien Prevost using the kickass RZR template! Viewing RZR’s trailer on Gala Film will count towards rewards.

“Grimm vs Villa” – LISTEN NOW

Another key track to the RZR series. This score is from the ultimate scene where Grimm fights his main rival, Villa. In episode 7, they drop the guns and decide to go old fashioned.

Watch RZR on Gala Film

If you own a RZR Moment NFT or operate a Gala Film Theater Node, you already have access to episode 4 on Gala Film. If not, you’ll have to wait until Sunday at 12pm PT to see what happens next.
Remember, you can’t see RZR anywhere but Gala Film, and you can’t listen to these exclusive soundtracks anywhere but Gala Music.

Web3 Worlds Collide–Exclusive Soundtrack NFTs from “RZR”

Web3 Worlds Collide–Exclusive Soundtrack NFTs from “RZR”

Gala Music is thrilled to announce an electrifying new addition to our collection with the upcoming release of two exclusive soundtrack NFTs from “RZR,” the much-anticipated sci-fi thriller by David Bianchi.

Premiering on Gala Film Sunday, April 14th, “RZR” delves into a dystopian Los Angeles, introducing us to Grimm and his revolutionary neural implant, the “Acumen,” which allows him to access data instantaneously directly into his cerebrum. This new found power grants him unprecedented leverage in the criminal underbelly of the Grid Zone. As Grimm navigates a violent and unforgiving  landscape, he fights to build a better future for humanity. “RZR” explores themes of technology, power, and redemption in a world where artificial intelligence intersects with human ambition.

Drop Details

  • Date: Friday, April 12th
  • Editions: Signature Edition
  • Availability: 100 copies of each track, exclusively on Gala Music
  • Price: $100 each, offering lifetime exclusivity

Featured Tracks:


Composed by Adrien Prevost, this track captures the essence of the “RZR” series, serving as both the inaugural and concluding theme of the season..

Prevost’s composition is dark, energetic and balanced. His blend of classical and synthetic sounds create an intensity with sophistication. The score combines electronic music as well as a small chamber ensemble. Synths, industrial sounds and live musicians create the “RZR” soundscape. 

“Operation” – LISTEN NOW

Central to the series, this score underscores a pivotal scene that defines Grimm’s quest. Symbolizing death and redemption, the track mirrors the internal conflict and traumas faced by the protagonist, offering listeners a deep dive into the series’ thematic depth.

Why Gala Music?

By acquiring these NFT tracks, you’re not just owning a piece of the “RZR” universe; you’re also unlocking daily $MUSIC rewards when you pair your NFT with an active Jukebox Node.

This unique reward structure of Gala Music allows fans to directly support and engage with the creative talents behind “RZR,” fostering a closer connection between artists and their audience.

Listen Now

Experience the world of “RZR” through its hauntingly beautiful soundtrack before the world premiere on Sunday. Dive into the dystopian future envisioned by David Bianchi and brought to life by Adrien Prevost’s exceptional musical talent. Get ready to be part of this groundbreaking moment in entertainment, exclusively available through Gala Music.

Join us on this journey into the future, where music meets the frontier of storytelling. Be among the first to own a piece of “RZR” and support the artistry behind this groundbreaking series.