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Adrien Prevost Drops Two New Tracks on Gala Music

June 6, 2024
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Tomorrow, June 7th, Gala Music is thrilled to present another special dual track drop from award-winning cinematic composer Adrien Prevost. Following the previous success of his six tracks for the Gala Film series RZR, created by David Bianchi, Adrien returns to debut a brand new artist profile of his own with two mesmerizing tracks from the RZR days: “Ghost” and “Night Chase.

Previous RZR Drops

Check out the official RZR soundtracks created by Adrien Prevost for the series here:

“Hacking Conspiracy”


“Grimm vs. Villa”




About the Tracks


“Ghost” is one of the Lost Tracks written during the creation of the RZR series. Adrien Prevost has crafted a pulsing electronic piece with minimal rhythm elements, creating a slow burn that paints a cinematic, futuristic landscape. This track showcases Adrien’s talent for evoking powerful imagery through music.

Listen to “Ghost” on Gala Music

“Night Chase”

“Night Chase” is an electro track that Adrien wrote alongside his work on the RZR series. It explores different musical directions and stands out as one of his favorite “lost tracks.” Adrien is excited to share this energetic and immersive piece with the Gala Music community.

Listen to “Night Chase” on Gala Music

Artist Bio

Adrien Prevost is a French/American film composer based in Los Angeles, renowned for his collaborations with major studios such as Disney, Amazon, Universal, AMC, and Focus Features. In 2023, Adrien composed the music for RZR, a dystopian series produced by Gala and E3 productions. Concurrently, he scored Disney Treasure for Disney Imagineering. Currently, Adrien is preparing for two feature films that are currently in production.

Track Availability

Both “Ghost” and “Night Chase” will have 100 reward-enabled copies available for sale. The presale begins at 12pm PT, with the open sale starting at 1pm PT on June 7th. Don’t miss this opportunity to own these exclusive tracks and support Adrien Prevost’s incredible work.

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