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Introducing HottoShotto’s GalaChain Explorer

February 7, 2024
The Hotto Shotto GalaChain block explorer is live at
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Gala has been hard at work for several years empowering users in any new way we can devise. At some point we realized that in order to onboard a billion users to our L1, GalaChain, our philosophy must expand outward in every direction. This mission was simply too big for the core Gala company to accomplish alone. Besides, we’re stronger together.

This outward expansion of our mission fueled not only the original idea of creating an L1 blockchain of our own, but also the recent upgrades that opened it up to external developers and innovators. With the recent releases of the GalaChain SDK and GalaChain Creator Portal, brilliant developers all over the world are starting to share our vision of a decentralized multi-industry haven of empowerment that brings the best and brightest ideas to the tech forefront.

In this blog, we simply want to highlight the incredible progress of an external team within the community who’s hard at work to make this shared vision a reality with a strong focus on community and developer education: Meet

HottoShotto for Blockchain Explorers

While not everyone is always interested in the real-time workings of a blockchain, explorers are an essential part of the web3 experience. Blockchains are distributed ledgers of cryptographic data, and explorers play the crucial role of making that data accessible to normal users.

Check out the GalaChain Blockchain Explorer at

Search by transaction hash, client address and more, or view block number data hour by hour.
Inspect specific blocks for the past 30 days by individual channel.

The Connect Wallet feature is not yet available, but coming soon.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to HottoShotto and team for creating this robust GalaChain blockchain explorer for the decentralized GalaChain ecosystem.

If you’d like to show your support to HottoShotto, you’re welcome to “buy coffee” directly using the link in the upper right of

HottoShotto for Gala Community Members also recently emerged as a useful resource for anyone in the Gala community, especially to find price and NFT marketplace listing data in one handy location.

Soon, HottoShotto has plans to host an NFT sale of its own, selling multiple rarities of limited membership NFTs.

“Collectibles provide owners with unique perks in the HottoShotto ecosystem. Collections come limited in supply, rare, legendary, exotic rarity levels and beautiful artwork.”

-from’s Collections page

HottoShotto NFTs

HottoShotto Discord community

HottoShotto for Developers

If you’re an aspiring web3 developer looking to build something within the GalaChain ecosystem, you’ll find a treasure trove of valuable resources on the HottoShotto Developers page. From the basics of relevant programming languages to specialized web development guides, this page is a fantastic reference for newcomers who are not afraid to dive in!

While Gala is not affiliated with HottoShotto, we wanted to showcase this outstanding resource project and highlight its focus on empowerment and education. Chances are you’ll be seeing a lot more of them in the future!