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Welcome Snoop Dogg to Gala Music

February 10, 2022
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Pick up an NFT track from the new blockchain album B.O.D.R. by getting a Stash Box NFT in a limited sale.

Gala Music is most honored to be joined by Snoop Dogg in shaking up the music industry forever.

We’re dropping Snoop’s latest record (B.O.D.R.) on the blockchain, and tracks are being sold as NFTs that you’ll find later in Stash Box NFTs. Stash Boxes are available now in limited supply for a limited time.

Get a Stash Box

Gala Music is more than some music streaming service. It’s a decentralized world for music that empowers artists, supporters and fans by allowing them to actively participate in the music experience like never before.

Essentially, Gala Music is the first decentralized record company. We will show fans and supporters the power of listen-to-earn, artists the power of support in the Gala Games Ecosystem, and music corporations the power of reasonable and fair allocation of rewards. We can hardly wait to tell you more on Friday, February 11th.

No Ordinary Stash Box

We get it, the idea of a gift that keeps on giving like this is a little hard to get your head around. Try not to overthink it.

Buy a Stash Box and its entire future is yours.

You’ll get everything that ever comes out of your Stash Box, including the 1/17 track NFT from the Bacc On Death Row album. There will be additional TBD rewards such as access to owner drops, increased in-game utilities over time, and the upcoming ability to use your music in various Gala Games to earn rewards.

There will be more information later on the TBD details of all these rewards, but for now, think of the Snoop Dogg Stash Box as a lifetime membership to an elite club.

Do you think what we’re doing for music is big? So do we. You can get your foot in the door first by owning a Stash Box and a piece of this historic album.

Collect all 17

The granddaddy of collector achievements with the first Gala Music album release is the one who collects all 17 different track NFTs. That will be no easy feat, and anyone hoping to accomplish that task will almost certainly have to do some trading on the secondary markets. Here’s what you get if you collect all 17.

  • Invited to private concerts and private parties, including possibly BBQs at Snoop Dogg’s home. This was extended as a personal addition from Snoop himself.
  • A limited edition, custom commemorative chain for Snoop Dogg, Death Row Records and Gala Music made to Snoop’s sparkly specifications.
  • Ongoing VIP membership benefits — Owning the entire album is basically the inner circle level of membership for an early adopter to Gala. This circle will receive special benefits and communications that are entirely TBD throughout the Gala Ecosystem.

Get a Stash Box

Limited Time

These Stash Boxes are only available for a limited time and in limited supply. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

To be a Gala Music OG, get a Stash Box while you can!.


Limited Supply

The total supply of Snoop Dogg’s Stash Boxes is 25,000.

Stash Boxes cost $5000.*

Stash Boxes can only be purchased for GALA.
*Exact price will fluctuate slightly depending on current market value of GALA

What’s Next?

On Friday February 11th, we’re unveiling the true scope of the plan for Gala Music, which is nothing short of revolutionary to the music space.

You will have soon have opportunities to purchase licenses to operate Nodes in the new Gala Music Ecosystem.

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