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The Orbs — From BT, 888 and Gala

February 12, 2022
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Next week, electronic music pioneer BT will release 3,333 unique, endlessly generative audio visual art installation NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain

As a culture, what gaming encompasses is constantly evolving. Games are innovative multimedia experiences that redefine how people interact with art and technology and can take so many different forms. As we labor tirelessly to grow and support our platform to redefine how games are developed and played, we’re not the only innovators finding entirely new ways to utilize blockchain technology for entertainment and artistic expression.

We’re thrilled to be collaborating with a musical legend like BT, who has been pushing the boundaries of how technology and musical creativity interface with each other for years. We’ve partnered with BT to help bring you his latest project, The Orbs– the first ever collection of audio-visual installation NFTs that offer fully generative, unique soundtracks and animations that can be appreciated and engaged with forever.

Listen Forever

The Orbs are based around live synthesis generated directly on the blockchain. An Orb gives you an entirely unique score for your entire life that will never repeat. No two orbs are alike, and BT has worked tirelessly to instill each with its own musical identity and style.

The 3d art and soundtrack of The Orbs is audioreactive and a continually changing experience. The Orbs will be minted as NFTs on Ethereum, but won’t be just snapshots of some under the hood generative process in BT’s studio. Each Orb gives you full ownership of an adaptable and unique live synthesis multimedia art installation that is entirely yours to enjoy forever.

Next Level Gaming Soundtracks

In addition to his foundational influences in the electronic scene, BT is also an accomplished video game composer and avid gamer. Our partnership with an innovative musician like BT gives us some unique avenues to redefine multimedia art entirely.

The Orbs will be designed to generate adaptable and unique soundtracks for any aspect of your life, but will interact with and adapt uniquely to titles throughout the Gala Games ecosystem. Future Games on our platform will offer various forms of utility to Orb holders– such as extra color palettes to match the visually generative style of your orb, adaptive soundtracks that respond to your gaming experience, or in-game buffs and features tied to ownership. In addition, play-to-earn rewards will be incorporated into various titles, with increased rewards for Orbs of higher rarity.

A musical score always enhances the gaming experience, but with The Orbs it’s possible for the score itself to adapt to and work with the game to help shape a unique experience together.

The Sale

The release of The Orbs is quickly approaching, but the sale won’t last long. Only 3,333 Orbs will ever be minted and will all be released in the coming week.

Sunday, February 13th

888 Orbs will be made available to members of 888’s Inner Circle. While this supply lasts, holders of the 888 Inner Circle Genesis token may burn three of their tokens in exchange for one Orb.

Monday, February 14th

The remaining Orbs will be sold in a reverse auction, starting at a price of 11.11 ETH and gradually descending until sold out. There will be no floor price, meaning the pricing of The Orbs will be entirely decided by the community.

Wednesday, February 16th

The auction will end, and The Orbs will be revealed to their buyers.

This sale will be the only time to get the full endlessly generative experience of The Orbs, but we’ll also be offering an Open Edition of The Orbs for anyone who wants a way to experience the art and utility without the generative power behind the full art installation.

These Open Edition Orb NFTs will offer the audio and visual aesthetic and experience of The Orbs, but each has a beginning and end rather than being endlessly original like the Generative Edition. These will be sold on the Gala Games platform for .303 ETH for the duration of the auction and will provide a limited version of in-game utility (i.e. soundtrack) across multiple Gala games titles.

The Next Generation of Musical Innovation

The Orbs is a project with so many possibilities throughout the Gala Games ecosystem, and we’re excited about all the amazing ways that these multimedia NFT masterpieces could transform gaming experiences. It’s an honor to be working in partnership with a visionary like BT on this project to help foster new ways that multimedia art of all strokes can be appreciated.

Gaming is the intersection where different disciplines of creative expression come together to make one amazing experience, and we here at Gala Games see The Orbs as a creative triumph directly in line with that culture. BT has taken inspiration from so many of his own passions to craft entirely unique multimedia masterpieces that push the boundaries of how we appreciate art, even as it blurs the lines between the labels that try to separate creative mediums.

The chance to bid on one of these unique NFTs in the original sale will only last two days and only 3,333 Orbs will ever be created. Keep an eye out for more information about the sale from us in the next few days.

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