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TIHANE Drops “Magic” – March 27th, 2024

March 26, 2024
Gala Music neo soul artist Tihane drops "Magic," her newest NFT track.
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Get ready for a new drop from fan favorite TIHANE, a Polynesian Croatian sensation blending the worlds of exotic melodies and vintage soul into a mesmerizing musical experience. Her latest track, “Magic,” drops its Signature Edition on March 27th at 12pm PT.

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Fusion of Cultures and Sounds

Born in California and raised in Hawaii, TIHANE has journeyed far beyond the shores of her upbringing. Her adventures have taken her from the vast expanses of Kenya, where she spent a decade absorbing the local culture and sounds, to the rhythmic heartbeats of West Africa, all the while maintaining a profound connection to the West Coast of America. TIHANE’s music is a symbol of her culturally rich background, seamlessly weaving the Pacific Islander spirit with Eastern European neo-soul.

Her past collaborations stretch across the globe, involving producers from East and West Africa, creating a unique and universal tapestry of sound. TIHANE’s voice, shaped by years of recording with Grammy Award-winning writers/producers and performing across continents, truly stands out in the world of web3 music.

Symphony of Soulful Grooves

“Magic” is more than just a song; it’s a journey. Inspired by the vibrant Amapiano movement of South Africa and joined by Ghanaian artists Enam and KC Beatz, TIHANE has crafted a track that bridges the gaps between continents and cultures. The song is a hypnotic blend of soulful uptempo flows and dreamy deep house rhythms, inviting listeners to lose themselves in the fusion of sounds that span from West Africa to the Polynesian Islands.

Join us in celebrating the release of “Magic” on Gala Music. Set your reminders for March 27th at 12pm PT for an opportunity to own a piece of TIHANE’s musical world. Listen now and let the magic of her music transport you to a place where every note tells a story, and every rhythm invites you to dance.

Tune in on the Gala Music app for a special live performance from TIHANE just 3 hours after the “Magic” track drop:

Join us for “Live Soul Flow with TIHANE” on Wednesday, March 27th at 3pm PT

Past Drops

“Magic” marks TIHANE’s 8th NFT track released on Gala Music. Check out her previous drops below and you’ll fall in love with her soulful sounds.

“If You Get Lost” – Legacy Drop 3/30/23 – SOLD OUT

“The Dance” – Legacy Drop 5/9/23 – SOLD OUT

“Enough” – Legacy Drop 7/18/23 – SOLD OUT

“Slow Down (prod. By Segnon” – Signature Drop 2/27/24 – SOLD OUT

“Moana” –Signature Drop 1/25/24 – STILL AVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

“Squeeze” – Pioneer Drop 2/7/24 – STILL AVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

Get the new track on March 27th at 12pm PT, only on Gala Music.