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N8TIVE’s “Yung Warrior” Drops Tomorrow on Gala Music

March 27, 2024
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The Rising Sound of N8TIVE

Please join us in welcoming the latest Signature Edition drop from N8TIVE, a dynamic talent emerging from South East London with roots deeply entrenched in Nigerian culture. 

With a growing portfolio of Hip Hop Afrobeats on Gala Music, N8TIVE is releasing his third NFT track, “Yung Warrior,” at 12pm PT, Thursday, March 28th.

A Fusion of Cultures and Sounds

N8TIVE’s musical tells a story of the power of diverse influences to shape a singular, groundbreaking sound. Growing up in a melting pot of cultures, his early days in the choir laid the foundation for a passion that would see him explore and blend genres ranging from afro-fusion to grime and R&B. Artists like Fela Kuti, Kanye West, and Skepta have all played a part in honing his sound—a sound that’s as much about rhythm and melody as story and soul.

“Yung Warrior”: A Tale of Resilience

“Yung Warrior” is a narrative woven from the threads of N8TIVE’s personal history and his family’s legacy. It’s a call to rise above adversity, dedicated to those who face the world with courage and tenacity. Through his compelling vocal delivery, N8TIVE shares his journey of encouragement, identity and the unyielding spirit of a warrior. The song promises to be an anthem of empowerment, blending captivating hooks with lyrical dexterity.

Experience “Yung Warrior”

We’re looking forward to the release of “Yung Warrior” and the impact it will have on listeners. Dropping exclusively on Gala Music, this Signature Edition NFT offers fans a chance to own a piece of N8TIVE’s evolving legacy–one marked by resilience, rich heritage and the boundless potential of afro-fusion sounds.

Join the Journey

The Signature drop of “Yung Warrior” marks a milestone in N8TIVE’s career and in the rich tapestry of global web3 sounds available on Gala Music. As we await its release tomorrow at 12pm PT, let’s ready ourselves to be part of this unique musical experience. 

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Don’t Miss Out

Join us on this musical journey with N8TIVE, and let’s celebrate the power of music to inspire, encourage and unite. Remember, the track drops at 12pm PT on Thursday, March 28th—Only 100 copies of the Signature Edition reward enabled track will be available!

Listen to “Yung Warrior” by N8TIVE on Gala Music.