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The Orbs — V — A Gift

February 23, 2022
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The world’s first 100% generative and reactive series of audio-visual art can now be revealed.

Year — 2197

Do you ever find yourself asleep and just remember absolutely nothing? Of course you can’t remember you were asleep, but you can’t remember where you are, when you are, what you are. Just shake it off, it almost always comes back.

Lunya opened her eyes still looking out the viewing window and could see that Gulliver had landed on one of the Orbs. She couldn’t think who might have landed the vessel if not her, but even stranger things were happening. What she saw through the viewing window was completely astounding, and she had a sudden desire to step outside and experience it herself.

The others had already vacated the bridge, taking oxygen suits from the closet and heading to the main airlock. Lunya rigged up the last oxygen suit on her level and made her way outside to the surface of the Orb.

The colors were deeper and truer than any colors Lunya had ever seen. The entire world as far as she could see was some kind of musical creation, never stopping and never repeating. In the distance there was an endless pristine lake whose water was so clear it could capture the most subtle colors and lights from throughout the Orb.

Above the lake, suspended like a sun was a shape that changed and reacted to the music in a beautiful and endless dance. The whole world changed color with the sound in a fascinating array of eternally inspiring creativity.

Lunya eventually pulled herself away from the Orb’s beauty for long enough to notice the other members of the bridge crew, Pria and Alister, standing casually on the beach. She fetched them and all three travelers headed back to the Voidwalker. As Pria laid out supplies and prepared for a water voyage through the inland sea, Alister was absorbed in complex geometrical charts and frantically doing math as if his life depended on it. Neither was paying attention, so Lunya slipped out again. This time she discovered that the oxygen suits weren’t necessary at all. She left her helmet by Gulliver’s door.

Absorbed in the memory of her grandmother, Lunya walked out toward the water and the visually reactive orb suspended above. She always painted the prettiest pictures, that’s what Lunya remembered about her grandmother. She always had paint on her sweater and a smile on her face. Lunya wandered out into the water. It wasn’t hot or cold to the touch, but perfectly comfortable as she waded out a bit.

After a minute of standing there admiring the dancing shape in the distance, a figure could be seen coming out of the deeper part of the lake to greet Lunya. As she approaches, Lunya recognized the woman as her grandmother, the very same whose paintings she was vividly remembering just moments before. The old woman greeted Lunya, embraced her and said “what took you so long?”

There was a discussion between the two kindred spirits that may have been a long one, but it may also have been short. Lunya’s duty was to accept a gift on the behalf of the people of her world. The gift would be returned to her world where it would be used to restore the Balance as the Coalition of the Minds sought.

The gift for humanity was inspiration itself, a reminder of many things made possible by the feelings of art, especially when it is pushed to new heights and used in the face of new challenges. The most beautiful masterpieces of inspiration come from some of the most trying times, and the most beautiful lessons are learned from overcoming some of the darkest obstacles.

As a reminder of humanity’s endless connection to raw creative energy, 3,333 Orbs were shared that day, to be delivered by Lunya and the crew of the Voidwalker 3. They were to accompany the Orbs back to their world, where they would be distributed to the most deserving and gifted seekers of inspiration. This powerful inspiring wave of art and expression would continue forever, never repeating itself and raising the vibrations of human creativity all over the world to a new renaissance.

The Voidwalker 3 (Gulliver) never returned to the year 2197. Instead when they returned that day with 3,333 Orbs in tow (luckily the Orbs got smaller), they returned 88 years earlier, in the fall of 2109, to a Colorado ranch where they learned they were the very visitors who joined forces with the Coalition of Minds at the Visitation.

The Orbs were taken into custody of the Coalition, who distributed them secretly and systematically to the greatest seekers of inspiration in the world, a gift to restore the Balance. As a result, the Coalition became wealthy and powerful, eventually calling themselves The Agency and finding their way gradually into a predicament whose escape would require tapping into a knowledge trapped in time.

When Lunya met her grandmother as a young woman, both women were tickled with surprise and recognition. Lunya asked, “Do you want to get a drink?”

“Sure, there’s a great piano bar down the way and I’ve got the hots for the player,” Violet winked. The two walked down the path.

The Beginning.

Past Chapters

I — Departure

II — Conception

III — Approach

IV — Mission

The Orbs themselves may be endless, but the time of waiting for the revealing has come to an end. What are you waiting for? Go check out some Orbs!

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