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Player Node Sales are About to Pause

February 23, 2022
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Once 25,000 Gala Music Player Node licenses have been sold, the sale will be paused until a TBA future date.

The launch of Gala Music over the last few weeks has made some serious waves in the music industry. Artists, fans, collectors and supporters of all types are quickly learning about the empowerment made possible by web3 ownership and blockchain tech.

Gala Music decentralizes the music experience by tapping into the Gala Node Ecosystem in a unique new way.

Members of the community can purchase a license to run a Player Node in the Gala Music Ecosystem. Users of the Gala Music platform will listen to songs. Every song NFT will be be paired with a Node, which allows the Node operator, the NFT owner, the artist and the listener all to potentially earn listen-to-earn rewards through our decentralized world of music.

Increasing Price Structure

At Gala, one of our favorite ways to reward those who come early is through our pricing structures. Player Node licenses are another example of an increasing priced item, sold in batches at price tiers which only increase as the tiers advance.

Each license in this first batch of 25,000 was priced at approximately $1200. At the time of writing this, less than five thousand remain to be sold to reach the 25,000 limit.

These 25,000 Player Nodes will be the first active Player Nodes in the Gala Music Ecosystem. If you want one of these licenses at the lowest possible price, this is your chance.

We will not say when Player Nodes will be back.

We will not say what the next price will be.

Everyone who got a Player Node in this first round is very special, a pioneer in not only the new Gala World of Music, but a new world for music. We’re glad you’re here.

Look for more juicy Gala Music updates coming very soon, including roadmap and whitepaper.

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