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The Orbs — This is Your Chance!

February 15, 2022
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Electronic music pioneer BT has been redefining how music is appreciated and engaged with for decades, and we’re proud that he’s chosen to team up with us at Gala Games for his most revolutionary project yet, The Orbs.

The Orbs are a first of their kind exploration into how blockchain technology can elevate multimedia experiences. Each Orb represents constantly evolving live synthesis on the blockchain, and is far beyond simply randomized. Every Orb has its own style and unique personality, ensuring that your soundtrack is always entirely original.

The Orbs Are Available Now

The Orbs have finally arrived and the reverse auction is now live. After 888 Orbs were offered to members of the 888 Inner Circle yesterday in a special Genesis Token burn opportunity, the remainder of the 2,445 Orbs in the series are now available while supplies last.

  • The auction will last 48 hours, and all purchased Orbs will be revealed at its conclusion.
  • In reverse auction style, the price will begin at 11.11 ETH and gradually descend incrementally throughout the sale.
  • The auction will be set at the minimum floor price possible, so the community will ultimately determine the price of The Orbs.

Each of the 3,333 Orbs BT has crafted is a completely unique, generative audio visual art installation. They will provide a literally endless soundtrack and visual animations to accompany any aspect of your life without ever repeating.

Exclusive Perks

The Orbs not only offer you absolutely endlessly original music and visual art to enjoy forever, but also will synergize with titles throughout the Gala Games Ecosystem to bring you enhanced gameplay experiences in unique ways as well.

The Orbs will offer new ways to customize soundtracks and color palettes in games based on the unique properties of your Orb. The Orbs will also enable you to access unique features and buffs in games, as well as unlocking play-to-earn rewards. The rarer the Orb, the more exclusive rewards it could potentially unlock.

The Open Edition

For those that want to own this revolutionary piece of multimedia history without purchasing the full power of one of the 3,333 Generative Edition Orbs, we’ll also be offering an Open Edition in the Gala Games store. This Open Edition captures the unique atmosphere and artistic beauty of The Orbs, but lacks the generative qualities that enable live synthesis on the blockchain– each version of The Open Edition has a beginning and an end.

  • The Open Edition will not have a limited supply, but 5,555 will be minted per run.
  • The Gala Games store will offer The Open Edition Orbs for approximately .303 ETH for the duration of the reverse auction.
  • Open Edition Orbs will have interoperability with titles throughout the Gala Games ecosystem, but not to the same extent as one of the 3,333 unique Generative Edition Orbs.

Experience the Future of Multimedia Art

The Orbs will only be available for 48 hours. Since only 3,333 will ever be created in this series, you need to act quickly if you want to own this revolutionary piece of musical and visual art. Nothing like these has ever been created before, and we here at Gala Games could not be more thrilled to be working with a legend like BT to help bring this feat of creative ingenuity to our community.

If you want to learn more about The Orbs, you can check out our AMA with BT or read our previous article introducing The Orbs from last week if you missed it.

Visit to get this unique piece of musical history, or visit the Gala Games store to check out The Open Edition.

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