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The Orbs — II — Conception

February 16, 2022
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If you haven’t learned about the Orbs yet, you have a little catching up to do. These pieces are the cutting edge of audio/visual art, the first eternally generative pieces ever to exist… anywhere.

Chapter II— Conception

Lunya and her crew of interdimensional travelers thought they were the culmination of an eleventh hour mission of desperation. They all knew but refused to speak it aloud- this was a cosmic grasp at straws, hatched, funded and executed by the Agency with its typical need-to-know grace. Every member had been extensively briefed on thousands of possible eventualities. They each knew the risks and they each knew the rewards. Saving the world was always worth the cost.

While nobody on the Voidwalker 3 who traveled through the anomaly that day knew the full extent of the story, they were all pieces in a game that had been playing out longer than any of them were alive. Their purposes were ordained by their predecessors and their destinies were always intertwined. Although each of these chosen travelers always made their own decisions and lived their own lives, none could escape the inevitable (but gentle) pull of their prescribed, shared fate.

We are the last generation of the Coalition of Minds.

These words lay embedded throughout the fabric of the travelers’ lives, working on them with subtle powers from a place they could not comprehend.

We are called to restore the Balance.

No one can say for certain when the Imbalance first began, but it was first acknowledged three quarters of a century ago, when a collection of the finest experts throughout the world came together to form the Coalition of Minds. They came from many industries and backgrounds, sciences, art disciplines and spiritual practices. They explored methods such as group meditation, channeling and traditional indigenous magic. Everything they ever did was in the interest of reaching beyond and calling for help.

In its early days, the Coalition of Minds consisted of more artistic minds and fewer scientific ones. The problem after all that had been brewing throughout the previous generations was a vast imbalance toward science and technology. Many of the notable scientists and scholars of the time were far too busy to participate, absorbed in their own seemingly endless parades of success and notoriety.

The first to feel the whips of the Imbalance were the musicians. No matter their style or method of play, musicians all over the world were watching their passions vanish from awareness. The pastime of listening to music was in danger, and the new generation was being guided instead toward technological pursuits. In fact, 5 of the founding members of the Coalition were musicians, and they were the ones who were most steadfast in their work against the Imbalance.

The purpose of the Coalition of Minds was simple: To restore the Balance and become the human stewards of creativity. Such an abstract and ambitious goal would require years (perhaps decades) of experimentation, because in order to impact something as otherworldly as the Balance of creativity, the Coalition needed to become versed in otherworldly things.

Some of the early Coalition sessions were recorded nearly 80 years ago. They contain several important passages about the nature of the Balance.

Recorded voice of: Violet Creo

Year — 2108

“For our purposes, there are two types of creativity in the world: Practical Creativity and Beautiful Creativity.

Practical Creativity allows us to solve the problems of society by discovering and executing solutions, to increase convenience in our lives through technical advancement, and to learn better communication, which can assist us in all manner of collaborations and shared goals.

Beauty is the other side of creativity’s coin. Artists, musicians and performers know that the beauty they create can be used to change lives at the epicenter of thought, the origin of ideas. Beautiful creation can often accomplish practical purposes, and practical creation can often be beautiful. While they are not enemies, these two branches of creativity are designed to work closely together, driving one another to always greater heights.

There exists a delicate Balance between these two branches of creativity. Throughout history, the world has experienced an ongoing cyclical flow. In times of great beauty and art, incredible scientific discoveries have become possible. Times of tremendous advances made ways for new artists to arise and create new forms of beauty.

Tragically, the Creative Balance has been upset by factors we cannot yet name. Technology skyrockets everywhere while art is forgotten. Clever devices and conveniences are at the height of importance in the world today, but the lack of creative beauty threatens to bring these delicate systems crashing down.

We will use knowledge of the ancient world along with everything we have learned in recent years to locate and appeal to the source of creativity: The Balance itself. The Balance will be restored, and we will usher in a lasting era of prosperity, creativity and peace.

Welcome to the Coalition of Minds.

Past Chapters

I — Departure

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