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Our World, Our Culture

February 17, 2022
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With the help of our fantastic community, we’ve done so much in such a short time here at Gala Games– and we’re just getting started. Together, we’ve built the largest decentralized gaming platform ever. We’ve empowered players, started work to bring new and exciting AAA titles to the platform, and created a world in which gamers own the content that they’re passionate about. Still, the future is overflowing with the possibilities of how to transform the world of play for the better– and we are entirely certain that the ideal tomorrow is on-chain.

The launch of Gala Music was a major milestone for this community. Not only are the cultures of music and gaming deeply intertwined, but many in the larger landscape of both music and gaming have faced similar hardships that decentralization can help overcome. We believe that the future comes out of like-minded communities uniting for a singular vision, and we were proud to launch Gala Music in pursuit of the goal we’ve always been after– giving the power back to the players themselves.

Empowering Players

When we talk about gaming, we’re really discussing a massive spectrum of different media that all fulfill that undeniable need to “play” that every human can feel deep down. How we choose to work valuable play time into our lives though is unique for each of us, which is why no two games are exactly alike. Some games explore familiar concepts and mechanics with a little extra tweak here and there, while others push the boundaries of what games can do. This leaves countless options for how each one of us scratches that little itch that we all have to play.

Gaming isn’t the only way to play, however. Games are probably about as old as humankind itself. If any type of play is older, however, it’s likely music. Just like gaming, music offers both an opportunity for creators to craft a unique experience and a multitude of styles and options for music lovers to engage and interact.

Music is Play

Building a bridge between the gaming community and the music community only helps enrich the culture behind both because the world of music and games already interact and overlap in so many ways. Decentralization could empower both the artists working in music and the people all over the world who are passionate about their art, the same way it has for gamers and players.

Our world is still early in this web3 journey, but we can’t ignore how transformative the idea of digital, verifiable ownership can be for players everywhere. We all have a responsibility as we tread the first stretch of this frontier to take bold steps to help move our communities into the future that we want for tomorrow.

Music is universal. It’s often the first type of real play that humans interact with, and an experience that continually offers new evolution and variations. An unfathomable variety of games function on mechanics that are typically rooted in very simple principles– just like the intuitive ideas of music theory have limitless applications to produce new and exciting art. We’re not that different, and as we discussed last week in our interview with electronic music pioneer BT, the future of both music and gaming is together on the blockchain.

“We are creating the world we want to live in.”


Our Tomorrow

We talk a lot about the future around here, but it can’t just be talk. Blockchain technology isn’t the frontier forever– we’re literally crafting the world of tomorrow right now. In the web3 world, developments happen fast because this is the future. It’s up to us what we make of it.

We are constantly in awe of how far we’ve come in such a short time, but there’s no rest for the weary. Our culture is what we make of it right now. Whether we’re talking about games or music, empowering those who are passionate about play and the brilliant artists who craft unique experiences needs to be the future of our entire community.

We’re proud to be able to expand the scope of what empowering players means in our community. No single, isolated group can own the blockchain revolution. The future needs to have a place for the entire greater culture of play.

Throughout the course of our whirlwind last couple of weeks, we’ve covered a lot of ground from unveiling a career milestone Snoop album from the legendary Death Row Records to the release of our new Player Nodes for our upcoming Gala Music network, to the world’s first fully generative audio/visual art with The Orbs. There will be a lot more excitement coming out of Gala Music in the near future, but we also haven’t forgotten our roots.

We here at Gala Games are still devoted to bringing you amazing titles and crafting the greatest gaming platform ever, right here on chain. We’ve got some new projects we’re working with that will be coming on the horizon, but also some really exciting developments about upcoming releases in the near future.

Speaking of the future– are you ready? It’s closer than you think.

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