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The Orbs — Chapter IV — Mission

February 22, 2022
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The Orbs are the world’s first series of 100% generative and reactive audio-visual art pieces.

Chapter IV — Mission

Year — 2109

For the first several months of its existence, the Coalition of Minds didn’t make much progress toward contacting anything beyond this world. They employed mystics, fortune tellers, spiritualists from many religions and practices. When people stayed in the early days it was because of the expectation of spiritual growth rooted in real practical knowledge. When people left it was usually because the Coalition started to look like an elitist cult whose members were obligated to go over humanity’s head for humanity’s sake.

Even in the early days when they were making no connections, more were joining than leaving, led by the message of the painter Violet Creo. Her message was that we are all called to appeal to higher powers for inspiration. The Coalition used everything they knew from their various practices and sciences, and they explored everything they did not know with careful observation and analysis.

Those people had a shared devotion to the idea that a grand Imbalance had thrown off the course of humanity, and an even stronger devotion to the idea that they could fix it. The phrase that could be heard most often about the Coalition of Minds before it went underground was “Restore the Balance.”

Once the group was no longer recruiting, their activities became quite secretive. They left their original location where visitors were once accepted and moved all members to a hidden location in the mountains where they could focus on their experiments.

It was not long after this time that the Coalition made the first major contact with an outside force, in an event they called The Visitation. The Coalition was joined by over a dozen visitors from another time and place. This happened on a moonless night when their space ship arrived and landed at the Coalition’s mountain ranch.

For the next several decades, the Coalition of Minds and the Visitors worked together to make contact with the source of creativity, or “The Balance” as they called it. Through expert practice of astral projection, they were able to reach out and initiate a conversation. The conversation that ensued lasted for more than twenty years.

The Coalition was guided by The Balance toward the building of a much more powerful, profitable and prepared operation, ready to do exactly what was necessary to make the reality gateway possible within the founding members’ lifetimes.

The Coalition grew stronger and gained political sway throughout the world. They did not falter during the silent depression or the dark years. Finally when the order emerged in the world again, the same organization was known only as The Agency.

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