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Gala Music Player Node Licenses are Now Available

February 23, 2022
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Player Nodes are the foundational node of the Gala Music ecosystem, and licenses to run them are now being sold.


  • Music Player Node licenses will be sold starting at 1pm PST on February 11th
  • Player Node licenses will have a starting price of $1200.00
  • Listen-to-Earn Distribution is not yet available

We envision a music industry reshaped by the empowerment of both music lovers and artists through decentralized networks, an industry that offers rewards for both creating and sharing music with others.

Get a Player Node Here

This afternoon our first Gala Music Node licenses will be sold in the form of the Gala Music Player Node. This node will become the foundation of the Gala Music Ecosystem, and this initial sale will be the lowest possible price to purchase a license to run one yourself.

The Sale will begin today, February 11th at 1pm PST, part of over a week of non-stop excitement with the launch of the industry-changing decentralized world of Gala Music.

Before we begin the sale of our first Player Node Licenses, we thought it was important to talk first about how this new world of music will work and what is our vision of the future being created at Gala Music.

The Problem

It would be a waste of time to discuss the systemic problems within the music industry at any length– they are well known and have somehow become socially ignored and acceptable.

For the creative minds behind the music:

  • Artists are not compensated fairly for their creative efforts
  • Long-term contracts frequently lock creators out of ownership of their own work
  • Big money controls large-scale distribution, forcing independent artists out

For music lovers everywhere:

  • Only pennies on the dollar spent actually support the artists you love
  • Your access to artists’ work is often filtered by corporate interests
  • Services continue to ask for recurring costs for music with no actual ownership

The middle men have gaslit generations of artists into believing a million streams of their music is worth less than, in many cases, a couple hundred dollars.” 


The examples of these fatal flaws of the music industry in action are innumerable. Artists are held bound to contracts signed as little more than children for decades; creators are treated like property of the big money to be exploited for profit; the price of listening as much as you want increases every year– but each year you also seem to actually own the music less and less.

The Vision

It’s time for the music industry to step into the modern era. A world of decentralized music is a world where artists get rewarded directly for their work without a middleman taking the lion’s share– a world where owning an album means something and music lovers share in rewards for spreading the music they love.

At Gala Music we’re rethinking the music experience by letting artists distribute music directly to listeners onto the blockchain. With the middleman cut out, everyone can benefit- listeners, collectors, supporters, producers, artists, fans, promoters and more. The decentralized system will allow everyone directly involved with the musical process to potentially benefit fairly, no matter their role and regardless of any details about their lives.

Basically, we’re giving participants in the music industry a chance to empower themselves by being part of the Gala Music Ecosystem.

The Gala Music Ecosystem

Gala Music is a curated, decentralized platform where music can be hosted, shared, and listened to through a network of decentralized Player Nodes. Each node can host music NFTs, which may then be accessed through the network, rewarding both the operator of the node who hosts the track as well as the NFT owner and artist for each listen.

This system not only rewards NFT owners and hosting node operators for supporting the ecosystem, but gives the largest portion of rewards directly to the artist themselves. This means that creators are not only compensated for each listen more fairly, but also maintain the right to distribute, record and perform free of publisher interference.

While this obviously provides well known artists an escape from the bonds of the old music industry, this new world of music could seriously open doors for emerging artists, who can now spread their music through our worldwide ecosystem.

Player Nodes

Today, February 11th at 1pm PST is your first opportunity to buy a license and operate the first Node of the Gala Music Ecosystem.

Player Nodes are the foundation of the entire Gala Music system. All music played, shared or distributed throughout the Gala Music ecosystem will be hosted on a Player Node, and the operator of the node the track is hosted on will receive rewards for each listen.

Listeners do not need to operate a Player Node to listen to Gala Music, but when someone clicks on a track to play, that content will always be hosted on a Node within the Ecosystem. The listener hears the song and rewards are distributed.

Player Node operators will also receive 10% of the rewards from the entire ecosystem split among all online nodes that are meeting and providing the minimum resource requirements; so even while you’re not getting any listens you’ll still be receiving rewards for providing support to the network (even if a node isn’t specifically hosting a song, being available to pick up the slack should other nodes go down is extremely vital to the platform). Nodes can support multiple streams easily and are not heavily demanding on a system, but will require some resources for the network from operators.

Many features of Player Nodes are not yet available, including listen-to-earn rewards. All details shared are subject to change.

Player Nodes vs Founder’s Nodes

Player Nodes are the infrastructure of the Gala Music network, and will host and distribute music to enable listening and sharing. These are distinct entirely from Founder’s Nodes, which exist to power the entire Gala Ecosystem.

Player Nodes will receive rewards in Gala Music tokens (name TBA)– the same currency in which music NFTs distributed on the Gala Music platform will be priced. Founder’s Node operators will not receive Gala Music tokens, but will still receive rewards for validating transactions in the future– a function that Player Nodes do not serve.

This means that Player Nodes are doing the heavy lifting of supporting the Gala Music network, and the Founder’s Nodes will continue to be the nervous system of the broader Gala Ecosystem.

Player Nodes vs Fan Nodes

In this first sale, only Player Node licenses are being sold. In the coming weeks, we will also launch our first Fan Node license sale. Fan Nodes are a more specialized way to support a specific artist or label in the Gala Music Ecosystem.

Gala Music Nodes are different from Gala Games Founder’s Nodes in many ways, but to understand the relationship between Fan Nodes and Player Nodes, consider the relationship between Game Specific Nodes (like a Town Star Node) and a Founder’s Node. Player Nodes are for the entire music Ecosystem, but Fan Nodes will focus on special NFT drops, bonus material and listen-to-earn potential specifically for the music of the artist or label of the Node.

Our first fan node is a historic record label, and you’ll soon have the opportunity to support that label in the decentralized world of Gala Music in a way you never thought possible.

Look for more information coming soon about the upcoming Fan Node license sale.

Note — Listen-to-Earn Rewards are not yet Available. Look for updates on upcoming features and a FAQ over the coming weeks and months.

The Future of Music

While the problems with the music industry may run deep, they are present because the industry was built around them for the benefit of those in power. The world of web3 has given us the tools to return control and ownership to those who participate in a community. New decentralized markets are giving people access to financial tools that in the past weren’t available off of Wall Street, and at Gala Games we’ve experienced first hand how decentralization and blockchain technology can empower players in the gaming world.

The future of the brightest creative minds is on the blockchain, where ownership can be protected and verified, and distribution is simple and worldwide. The machine behind the darker side of the music industry has been marching to the same beat for far too long, and it’s long past time for a new tune.

Today’s Player Node license sale represents your first opportunity to become part of the world of Gala Music. Don’t wait to join the future and check it out over at Music.Gala.World.

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