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Surprise Drop from the Doggy Days

March 9, 2022
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A sweet new limited edition NFT track is now available from Gala Music, Snoop Dogg and Death Row Records. This one goes all the way back to Death Row’s original glory days, with the iconic 1996 album, Tha Doggfather and Snoop Bounce.

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Gala Music has empowered Snoop Dogg to purchase the Death Row Records label and catalog, which includes classic hits like Snoop Bounce. Thanks to the way that the Gala Music platform will elevate artists and fans, Death Row Records is now being launched as the world’s first web3 record label. Each music NFT will come complete with blockchain-backed ownership and future Listen-to-Earn potential to reward owners like never before.

Every music NFT in the Gala Music Ecosystem will have potential for Listen-to-Earn rewards on the future Gala Music platform, and Snoop Bounce is no exception. This is an excellent opportunity to own a piece of Death Row Records history and claim some early ownership in Gala’s new decentralized world of music.

Snoop Bounce — The Drop

We’re doing things a little differently with this drop in several ways.

  1. Total surprise — This is a head start for those who are paying close attention, and just another way to reward early adopters who are most closely connected to our announcements and activities.
  2. Lower Price — Even with an available supply limited to just 500, this NFT is coming in at a price of just $500. This price is incredibly low compared to Gala Games NFTs with similar supply.
  3. New Pricing Structure — This drop is available in a descending price auction. Every 30 minutes, the price will be reduced by $20* until the total supply has sold. This means that if you wait, you may get a better deal, but you may also miss out if you’re not watching closely.

*Price reductions will stop at $60 in the event that any NFTs are remaining at that point.

Bounce on Over

Snoop Bounce is currently available, but it won’t be for long. If you haven’t yet, create an account at to be ready for this and all future NFT drops with Gala Music.

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