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Emerging Artist Spotlight: Jane Handcock

March 25, 2022
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Gala Music and Death Row Records present the first music NFT drop from singer-songwriter Jane Handcock.

Announcing: Jane Handcock

Gala Music’s first emerging artist is set to take the stage

It is absolutely a pleasure for us here at Gala Music to kick off our Emerging Artist Discovery Program with another partnership made possible by our friends at Death Row Records. Jane Handcock is dropping a sneak peak of her new album with two NFT tracks entirely exclusive to Gala Music.

Spotlight on Jane Handcock

While Jane Handcock may just now be getting widespread attention in the music business, she’s been a serious influence throughout the industry for years. As a gifted songwriter, Jane’s worked with Dr. Dre, Kelly Rowland, Big K.R.I.T and many other major names in the space.

Through her illustrious career collaborating and contributing, Jane has been refining her own breathtaking voice as a solo R&B artist. Soulful vocals combine with diverse hip-hop influences and pure songwriting mastery to craft her own unique, emotionally resonant sound.

With Death Row Records, Jane has worked on the cutting edge of what the new world of music can do and is ready to dive into the future. Many in our own community may immediately recognize her from her feature on Snoop’s “In the Air” from B.O.D.R. Creating a better music industry isn’t just about finding new ways to enjoy the artists you know though– it’s also about giving a voice that can be heard all over the world to talented, emerging musicians.

The First Drop

The first two singles from Jane’s latest album– “Mad Man’s World” and “The Price Went Up” will be released exclusively on Gala Music today, March 24th. These drops will be extremely limited releases, but will give our community a small taste of what Jane has planned for her next album.

While Jane’s not ready to let you in on exactly when the next tracks will be released, we’ll keep you updated when she’s ready to give up the secret.

Limited Availability

Both tracks will have a supply of 210 available for purchase each, with a small supply beyond that allocated to the Player Node Network and Gala Music Vault. This means only 420 total NFT tracks will be available during this sale.


All NFTs of both “Mad Man’s World” and “The Price Went Up” will be priced at $250 each. Every track sold in this sale will be uncommon rarity.

Available starting Thursday, March 24th at 4:20pm PST only at Music.Gala.World!

Listen-to-Earn Rewards

As the first artist to feature in our Emerging Artist Discovery Program, Jane Handcock’s NFT tracks will enable listeners to earn L2E rewards in the Gala Music Ecosystem. We believe blockchain technology can and should empower both creators and fans alike– kicking off this program represents a huge milestone in cultivating a better future for music.

Any NFT track on the Gala Music Ecosystem released by creators under the Emerging Artist Discovery Program will have the potential for listeners to earn rewards while streaming. These L2E rewards are distributed from a pool that is funded from a small percentage of established artists’ NFT track earnings.

A Bigger Stage

With the Emerging Artist Discovery Program, both established creators and fans can support talented creators who are less widely known in the music world. The world of musical creativity continually grows– new and fresh voices are key to that transformation. At Gala Music we want to continually showcase new creators that can always take music to its next stage of evolution.

The blockchain revolution not only creates an opportunity to enjoy new creative experiences from the artists you love, but also removes many of the barriers that have prevented talented, lower profile musicians from breaking through to a worldwide audience in the past. With Gala Music, we’re able to craft a new music industry where brilliant music isn’t drowned out by an artist simply being unable to get it in the ears of people who will love it.

The new world of music is a place where great music is great music– where no creator with a unique, compelling and authentic sound ever fails to be heard. By featuring talented musicians with original ideas, we can help music fans find new music they love and more artists can find the perfect audience to vibe with.

Composing the Future

Changing the landscape of music takes real action and supporting emerging artists is the first step to crafting an ecosystem in which creativity truly thrives. There is more great music for everyone to love.

This drop is a huge milestone for us, and we couldn’t have asked for a better artist than Jane Handcock to kick off the Emerging Artist Discovery Program. Don’t miss this limited sale– head to Gala Music to pick up your track before they’re gone.

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