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Snoop Dogg Presents: October London — The Rebirth of Marvin

April 1, 2022
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A new, talented emerging artist joins the Gala Music Ecosystem

Everyone here at Gala Music is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our Emerging Artist Discovery Program– October London! Another artist coming to us from Death Row Records, October is releasing his upcoming album directly to Gala Music. He’ll be dropping his album in 3 distinct Sets, with each set containing multiple NFT tracks.

October London Centerstage

October London has come a long way from his early days in South Bend, Indiana. Though from a musical family, he never dreamed of being a singer as a child. Still, the soulful voice inside him could not be contained.

Once his musical journey began, October headed to LA– intent on grinding his way to the top. He hit his stride fast and in 2017 recorded his 2-part debut album Colorblind: Hate and Happiness at lightning speed. Through a partnership with Death Row Records, October would get his foot in the door as a writer and collaborator in the LA music scene.

Throughout his time hustling to get his voice to the world, October has repeatedly shown his mastery of recording and composing. He’s released numerous mixtapes and albums, featured on hit tracks, and even portrayed himself on Fox’s late TV show, Empire.

October’s musical talent is incredibly versatile, and he likes to experiment with different genres and styles. This latest album takes him back to a style that was embraced by some of his biggest musical influences.

Snoop Dogg Presents: October London — “The Rebirth of Marvin”

In his new album, October London explores the complexities of relationships and modern struggles while paying tribute to the greats of classic R&B. The tone of the album is a breathtaking homage to the latter days of Motown and the birth of soul music– made fresh and original by modern sensibilities and the raw emotional power of October’s voice.

Snoop Dogg Presents: October London — The Rebirth of Marvin is thematically composed in three Sets– The Hope, The Grind, and The Ascent. Each Set features a different emotional tone which ties the entire album together as a complex narrative of the joys and struggles of love, personal discovery, and life itself.

The Album Drop

For the release of Snoop Dogg Presents: October London — The Rebirth of Marvin, the entire available supply of all three Sets will drop at 2:30pm PDT on Friday, April 1st. Each Set will include an NFT track of each song listed as part of that Set. All three Sets are priced differently, and only a limited number of each will be available.

Set 1: The Hope

  • 3 NFT Tracks: “Intro — Sensual Conversations”, “The Way You Move” and “Back to Your Place”
  • Available Supply: 300
  • Price: $500

Set 2: The Grind

  • 4 NFT Tracks: “Rollercoaster of Emotions”, “Mulholland Drive (feat. Toi)“, “You Look Better” and “What I Won’t Do”.
  • Available Supply: 250
  • Price: $750

Set 3: The Ascent

  • 4 NFT Tracks: “Midnight Love Affair”, “The Lover’s Interlude“, “You Give Me Love (feat. Snoop Dogg)” and “Actor’s Remorse”.
  • Available Supply: 200
  • Price: $800

Each NFT track from this album will be visually represented as a classic 8-track tape– matching the both classic and fresh retro vibes channeled in October London — The Rebirth of Marvin.

Collecting the Album

Each Set is a musical experience by itself. Combined, however, this album represents a far greater creative triumph. Collectors of more than one Set may find those 8-track tapes piling up a little, so anyone who purchases multiple sets will also receive a collectible 8-track box NFT.

For those that buy all three, October London has an exclusive bonus NFT in the form of an 8-track player to complete your 70s setup. With a limited supply of each Set being sold, these are likely to be incredibly rare collectibles.

Emerging Artist Discovery: Listen and Earn

Like all participants in our Emerging Artist Discovery Program, October London’s track NFTs will have listen and earn potential for each eligible stream after the full release of the Gala Music Ecosystem.

These NFT tracks will be pairable with a Music Node, just like other track NFTs within Gala Music. Each time the track is streamed, a large portion of rewards go directly to the artist and smaller portions are rewarded to both the operator of the Node the track is paired with and the owner of the NFT itself.

Fans can also earn rewards for listening to any track released through the Emerging Artist Discovery Program. Every eligible stream will reward the listener from a separate pool funded by established artists in the ecosystem. This creates an environment where established artists not only support new talent, but fans are also rewarded for seeking out and discovering new music.

The Voices of Tomorrow

October London is just one of many amazing emerging artists that we plan to feature for our community. Music is always changing, and here at Gala Music we plan to continually shine a spotlight on talented musicians who are just at the beginning of their rise.

The most talented voices need ears to sing to. Emerging artists are what drives the continual evolution of music and determine its future. We at Gala Music are extremely proud to feature a masterful singer and songwriter like October London, whose trajectory within the world of music is limitless.

This full album NFT drop is a great achievement for October London, and a masterful work of composition and creativity. If you want to directly support October in this album release, head to Gala Music to purchase a Set before they run out.

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