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Jane Handcock — NFT Album Release

April 15, 2022
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Jane’s new album, “World of Women” (W.O.W.) drops tomorrow in the Gala Music store.

We here at Gala Music are once again proud to team up with Death Row Records to present the completion of Jane Handcock’s latest album– World of Women (W.O.W.) Last month, Jane made her Gala Music debut as our first featured emerging artist, dropping two NFT tracks as an exclusive sneak peek. Now she’s back for the main event, dropping the 11 remaining tracks from W.O.W.

‘World of Women’

This album puts Jane’s superior songwriting skills and eclectic style into center spotlight. The undeniable beat in the first track pulls you headfirst into the album, and the journey does not disappoint. Jane seamlessly transitions from genre to genre throughout the album, showcasing her masterful hip-hop sensibilities alongside her breathtaking R&B vocals.

The tracks released previously by Jane Handcock– Mad Man’s World and The Price Went Up fit brilliantly into the rest of the album, but don’t even begin to indicate the kind of depth and soul that Jane has used to bring this album to life as a complete work of art.

The Sale

The remaining tracks from Jane’s new album will drop starting April 15th, at 12pm PT. Each track will be sold as an individual NFT. Every track will go on sale in the Gala Music Store with a 30 minute staggered drop time. At each drop, the price per NFT track will gradually increase and the supply will gradually decrease.

  1. Girl’s Love — 12:00pm PT drop — Price: $200
  2. Mad Man’s World  Presold on March 24th
  3. Interlude — 12:30 drop — Price: $230
  4. Nothing Like Me — 1:30pm — Price: $260
  5. That’s On Me — 2:00pm — Price: $290
  6. The Price Went Up — Presold on March 24th
  7. Laying Next to Me — 2:30pm — Price: $320
  8. 1st Night — 3:00pm — Price: $350
  9. Best Friend — 3:30pm — Price: $380
  10. Gudtyme — 4:00pm — Price: $410
  11. Dirt on my Name — 4:30pm — Price: $440
  12. Puff Puff Pass — 5:00pm — Price: $470
  13. I Wanna Thank You— 5:30pm — Price: $500

The available quantity of each track will reduce with each new drop throughout the day. The quantity for the first track, Girl’s Love, will be 420 total, decreasing gradually to 120 total supply for I Wanna Thank You.

Special Collector’s Bonuses

Here’s the deal. With extremely limited edition music NFTs like these, we know people are looking to collect. We get it, and we’re prepared to reward those of you who can pull it off.

Anyone who collects and holds 6 tracks from the album will receive a special Bucket Hat collectible NFT in a future drop.

Anyone who collects and holds all 13 tracks (including those that were presold on March 24th) will receive a Patch Jacket collectible NFT in a future drop.

Anyone who holds either the Bucket Hat or the Patch Jacket will be on the whitelist for future Jane Handcock NFT drops, as well as access to a special underworld server in an upcoming Gala Games game called GRIT.

Gala Music is shaking up the music industry by empowering artists and fans all over the world.

Emerging Artist Spotlight

Jane Handcock was the first emerging artist to be featured in Gala Music, but she’s since been joined by the extremely talented October London earlier this month, and this is only the beginning of Gala Music’s Emerging Artist Spotlight program.

Keep a lookout for more NFT drops from talented emerging artists. Remember, once the full Gala Music platform is live with Listen-to-Earn functionality, you’ll even be able to earn Gala Music Token for discovering and listening to brilliant emerging artists like Jane Handcock.

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