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Jammin at Galaverse

June 6, 2022
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Gala Music announces surprise Mount Westmore album drop on Gala Music.

As Web3 continues to develop, the new innovations and breakthroughs of today are shaping the future as we watch. When we announced Gala Music in February, we knew we were onto something big, but we didn’t realize how far we’d come in such a short time.

Track Record

Since launch, we’ve been in a steady building phase here at Gala Music. We’ve collaborated with fantastic artists like BT and Snoop Dogg. We’ve spotlighted emerging artists and introduced fresh, new tracks to the community.

We want to ensure greater creative freedom for artists and to provide new, sustainable avenues for revenue. NFT and Music fans get to experience what they love in new ways through shared incentives and experiences. We want both artists and fans to win and to be able to build a better music industry together.

Next Track

Looming on the horizon is one of our biggest releases to date. Mount Westmore drops their new album, Bad MFs, on Gala Music tomorrow at 5:00pm Malta time (8:00am PT) in the Gala Music Store!

This collaboration between Snoop Dogg, Too $hort, E40 and Ice Cube is coming to Gala Music straight out of Death Row Records, continuing our partnership with this legendary label.

We’ve got lots more planned in the months ahead as well, including a partnership with Kings of Leon and continued collaboration with our existing partners and new artists.

The Future of Music

The full release of the Gala Music Platform and Ecosystem are still on track to be rolled out in Q3 of 2022. This summer we will schedule the launch of the Gala Music token, which is an essential part of our Player Node Ecosystem. A full launch of our Ecosystem will also allow Player Node license holders to begin operating their Nodes and supporting the Gala Music network.

Note: Gala Music’s native token has not been minted or distributed yet, nor has the mint schedule been announced. Any contracts or entities claiming a sale of this token is a scam. No official contract is yet available.

Tying Music into Games is another focus of Gala Music. To this end, Crazy Boom is coming soon as well. This game will feature interoperability with Gala Music NFTs and was built from the ground up to accommodate and complement this new world of web3 music.

We’ll have tons of exciting news all the way through the summer. Stay tuned for more updates, and look for a recap of tomorrow’s live Galaverse AMA soon!

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