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Snoop’s Stash Boxes will Open Soon

March 5, 2022
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Redemptions will begin during the week of March 14th, and remaining Stash Boxes will be sold at increasing price tiers.

We teamed up with a legend to launch Gala Music by dropping Snoop Dogg’s latest album, B.O.D.R., as an NFT collection and helping him bring back the iconic label, Death Row Records, which he now owns. This is the genesis of Listen-to-Earn, enabling fair distribution of music revenue and an eventual platform to help discover emerging artists. To kick things off with a bang, we released a special Stash Box NFT that contains a massive selection of goodies. The first round of Stash Boxes has sold, but they will soon be available again, at increasing prices each round.

By purchasing a Stash Box, early adopters of Gala Music are guaranteed one of the 18 tracks on Snoop’s new album, B.O.D.R. This is the showcase item that will be found in the Stash Box when it is opened.

The next Stash Boxes up for grabs will be available today, and boxes will be ready to crack open starting the week of March 14th.

Change of Plans

Rather than occasional ongoing NFT drops as originally discussed, we have decided on a huge opening redemption event. Owners will exchange their Stash Boxes for a pile of NFTs packed with value and utility, including additional bonus songs, special collectibles, gaming items and more.

What’s Inside?

We think you’ll be very pleased with everything that comes out of your Stash Box once you open it. Every owner will receive 5 track NFTs (detailed below), 1 of 25,000 awesome rewards of varying rarities, and more.

  • 10,000 are additional Stash Box-exclusive Snoop Dogg x Spider Tanks NFT tracks, able to be paired with a Gala Music Node in the future for Listen-to-Earn rewards.
  • 15,000 are Gala Games NFTs, including a variety of highly scarce legendary and ancient items. There’s even some land.
  • You can see the full item table at the bottom of this article.

EVERYONE who redeems a Stash Box gets the following NFTs:

  • 1 of the standard 18 tracks from the B.O.D.R album
  • All 3 of the Gala exclusive B.O.D.R bonus tracks (including a never released Snoop track featuring Tupac Shakur).
  • A “Welcome to Death Row” whitelist token
  • A Snoop x Aoki token that can be exchanged for an upcoming collaborative NFT
  • An exclusive track from Snoop- “Stash Box”
  • An “Opened” version of your Stash Box as a commemorative NFT
  • 1 of 25,000 Gala or Snoop items (complete table below)

When Can I Open the Box?

Redemptions will begin sometime during the week of 3/14/22.

Here’s how it will work:

  • Connect the wallet containing your Stash Box to the redemption page, once it is available.
  • Use the interface provided to send your Stash Box to the redemption contract. You will be required to pay gas fees at this stage.
  • Very shortly, you will receive the NFTs that were inside your Stash Box. Note that Gala items must be held in a Gala account to be usable on the Gala platforms.

Redemptions will be ongoing, allowing you the option to keep or trade your unredeemed Stash Box NFT for a time. We may close redemptions at some point in the future, so pay attention in Discord and for email announcements.

Looking Ahead

Soon you’ll be sitting in your most comfortable chair, kicking your feet up and basking in the listen-to-earn rewards of your favorite new Snoop Dogg tunes. As a Snoop Dogg & Gala Music Stash Box owner, you’re a pioneer in the new world of music. Well done.

If you’re still hoping to pick up a Stash Box or want to add another to your collection, the remaining Stash Boxes will soon be back on sale. They will reenter the Gala Music store for $6000*, following a new increasing price tier structure with each 1000 that are sold. Every 1000 Stash Boxes sold will increase the price of each Stash Box by $250.

Tier 1 = $6000
Tier 2 = $6250
Tier 3 = $6500
…and so on until all 25,000 Stash Boxes have sold.

*pricing updated after immediate community feedback

Get Stash Boxes at starting at 5pm PST on 3/4/22.

This is only the beginning of what Gala Music has planned. There will be plenty of new opportunities in the future to support some of your favorite artists, labels and albums in a revolutionary new way and get some listen-to-earn rewards in the process. We can hardly wait to share some of the announcements in store over the coming weeks and months.

Snoop’s Stash Table

This is a breakdown of 25,000 possible rewards, 1 of which will be found in each Stash Box.

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