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Obvi’s Gala Music NFT Debut with “SAYWHATIFEEL”

March 20, 2024
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Pick up the Signature Edition of Obvi’s “SAYWHATIFEEL” Friday at 12pm PT only on Gala Music.

This Friday, we’re dropping the debut track drop from Obvi, an artist whose distinctive singer/rapper blend is sure to captivate the hearts of web3. Known for his viral freestyle videos with TeamBackPack and his songwriting prowess, Obvi now brings his latest creation to the Gala Music ecosystem.

The track, titled “SAYWHATIFEEL,” is set to drop its Signature Edition on Friday, March 22, at 12pm PT. This piece is not just any rap track; it represents Obvi’s return to the roots of his musical journey, tapping into the raw energy and passion that initially propelled him into the music scene. “SAYWHATIFEEL” emerges as a testament to Obvi’s evolution as an artist, embracing the essence of the underground Hip Hop movement and offering a fresh experience for his fans.

Listen to “SAYWHATIFEEL” on Gala Music

The Gala Music ecosystem is known for its decentralized web3 world that empowers artists and fans alike. We’re happy to welcome Obvi and his new track with open arms. 

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Obvi’s “SAYWHATIFEEL” will first be available in a Signature Edition limited to just 100 copies. NFT owners of these tracks are not only purchasing a piece of music; they’re joining a family, sharing in the journey of an artist’s growth and success in the world of decentralized music powered by GalaChain.

Remember, tracks paired with an active Jukebox Node within the Gala Music ecosystem are eligible for daily $MUSIC rewards, based on the track’s popularity on the platform. This unique feature provides an exciting opportunity for fans to engage directly with the music they love and support their favorite artists in a meaningful way.

Welcome to the future of music.