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Electrifying Debut: Liquid Todd & GATTÜSO’s ‘Easy Boy’ Drops on Gala Music

March 21, 2024
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Announcing an electrifying addition to Gala Music, with the debut NFT track drop from the legendary DJ Liquid Todd, titled “Easy Boy,” in collaboration with the rising EDM sensation GATTÜSO. 

This emotive electro banger marks the first-ever collaboration between these two powerhouses, blending their unique sounds to create an unforgettable musical experience.

Liquid Todd is no stranger to the electronic dance music scene. With a career that has significantly contributed to the popularization of EDM in mainstream media, Liquid Todd has become a staple on BPM, North America’s biggest dance radio station, through his #betaBPM new music show. His influence extends beyond the airwaves, as he is celebrated for his ability to break new artists and bring fresh sounds to the dance music landscape.

“Easy Boy” is available for streaming now, and with its pulsating beats and captivating melodies, it’s set to become a staple on dance floors and playlists around the globe. 

If you make it in time, you’ll have a chance to pick up the Signature Edition NFT for this track, the most rare type of NFT track sold on Gala Music, with the greatest reward multiplier! Remember, NFT tracks paired with an active Jukebox Node are eligible for daily $MUSIC rewards based on the track’s platform popularity.

If you’re an EDM fan, this Signature Edition track would be a fantastic way to start your web3 music collection to get some $MUSIC rewards.

If you’re looking for more Liquid Todd on Gala Music, you don’t have to wait until his next drop. You’ll also find him as a featured artist on Krysta Youngs’ latest drop, “Let’s Go Back.”

This release is a must-listen for all EDM enthusiasts and a testament to the vibrant future of music on Gala Music. Don’t miss out on this limited opportunity to support Liquid Todd and GATTÜSO while immersing yourself in the sound of “Easy Boy.” Listen now and let the rhythm take you away.Liquid Todd on Gala Music
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