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Gala Music Weekly Preview: Notable Drops to Elevate Your Playlist

March 26, 2024
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Are you ready for another awesome week of the hottest NFT drops in web3? With drops all week long and plenty of new artists, we have something for everyone!

Gala Music stands at the forefront of the web3 revolution, transforming how we interact with music and its creators. This week is particularly exciting as we welcome a mix of established and emerging artists to the platform, each offering their unique sound and story through their Signature Edition NFT drops. Here’s what’s on the horizon:

“I Promise” by WAJE

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of “The Voice of Africa,” Nigerian powerhouse WAJE, to Gala Music. Her debut NFT single, “I Promise,” is a duet with Nigerian singer, songwriter and producer Sess; a vibrant embodiment of her artistry, blending eclectic afro-pop with a rich, infectious groove. Known for her soulful voice and profound messages (her name aptly stands for “Words Aren’t Just Enough”), WAJE’s introduction to the web3 music scene is not to be missed.

“Pull Me Closer” by Maiza

Atlanta’s own Maiza returns to Gala Music with her fifth NFT track, “Pull Me Closer.” Known for her versatile style that weaves through Hip Hop and R&B, Maiza’s latest drop promises to captivate listeners with its intricate beats and emotive lyrics. Set to release on Tuesday, March 26th, at 12pm PT, “Pull Me Closer” solidifies Maiza’s standing as a musical force.

“Magic” by TIHANE

Prepare for a spellbinding journey with TIHANE’s newest release, “Magic.” As a fusion artist who masterfully combines exotic multicultural melodies with vintage soul, TIHANE creates a sound that is both unique and universally appealing. Dropping on Wednesday, March 27th, at 12pm PT, “Magic” invites listeners to explore the depths of her musical prowess.

“Yung Warrior” by N8TIVE

N8TIVE, the Afro-beat Hip Hop sensation, is set to inspire with his latest track, “Yung Warrior.” Dropping on Thursday at 12pm PT, this song is an anthem of resilience, encouraging listeners to rise above adversity. Blending genres seamlessly, N8TIVE showcases his knack for powerful hooks and lyrical depth.

Dropped on Tuesday at 12pm PT 👇

While supplies last, pick up a Signature Edition, reward enabled NFT version of any of the tracks embedded below. Hurry! Signature Editions are limited to only 100 copies, and they get the greatest $MUSIC reward multipliers!

Josh Dreon – “Letting Go”

Just shockey – “Joshua Tree”

Maiza – “Pull Me Closer”

Very Yes – “Oval”

Waje – “I Promise (feat. Sess)

Sarafa – “Gang (feat. Young Noble)

Dropping on Wednesday at 12pm PT 👇

TIHANE – “Magic” feat. Enam (prod. by KC Beatz)

The Mad ones – “Hole in my Head”

Sarafa – “Day 1” (feat. Lexus)

Lil Xtra – “Daisy”

leapyear – “Flight”

Dropping on Thursday at 12pm PT 👇

N8TIVE – “Yung Warrior”

SleepSheepMusic – “Last Human”

Maffmatix – “Green Monster”

At Dawn – “I Don’t Want to Go Home”

Marty Grimes – “Sober” (prod. by Teddibear)

Dropping on Friday at 12pm PT 👇

Sarafa – “Rick Ross feat Big Sha”
…and more – links to come

A Week of Musical Diversity

This week promises over 20 new NFT Signature Edition tracks from a diverse roster of artists. Each day brings a fresh drop, offering something for every music lover out there. From the soul-stirring melodies of Waje to the rhythmic beats of Maiza, the enchanting sounds of TIHANE, and the inspiring anthems of N8TIVE, Gala Music is where the future of music unfolds.

Check the Drops

As we gear up for another week of exceptional music releases, Gala Music continues to pave the way for artists and fans to connect on a deeper level. Through NFTs, listeners can not only enjoy their favorite tunes but also own a piece of music history. Join us as we celebrate the artists and their groundbreaking work, marking a new chapter in the ever-evolving narrative of music and technology.

Stay tuned to Gala Music for the latest drops and be part of the music revolution that’s reshaping the industry one track at a time.