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Explore the Latest Innovations on the Gala Music Platform

May 7, 2024
The Gala Music platform is pushing the limits of web3 to redefine freedom and empowerment in music.
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Gala Music is excited to announce a series of updates across both our web platform and mobile app, designed to enhance your music experience and deepen your engagement within our vibrant music ecosystem. Whether you’re a longtime user or just discovering Gala Music, these new features will enrich your interaction with the platform and its vast catalog of diverse music content.

Web Platform Upgrades

Exclusive Payment Options

We have streamlined our payment methods to focus on $MUSIC and credit cards. This enhancement is a major milestone for the $MUSIC token, not just about simplifying transactions but also elevating the utility of our official token, making every purchase part of a larger journey within the Gala Music ecosystem.

NFT Tracks may be purchased with either $MUSIC or credit card.

All Access Experience may be purchased exclusively with $MUSIC.

Listen for Rewards

Engage with unique tracks on Gala Music now for reward points that will lead to actual $MUSIC rewards. Qualify by simply listening to at least 10 unique tracks each day, then use your $MUSIC rewards to purchase NFT tracks, All Access Experiences and more! 

This feature is perfect for those who love discovering new music and appreciate being rewarded for it. Further details on this reward system are explained in the Gala Music Whitepaper, in the section entitled “Ecosystem Reward Allocations and Pools.” Currently, 25% of the new $MUSIC entering circulation is allocated for distribution to the community of ecosystem supporting actors for various types of engagement.

Rewarded Actions Include:

  • Referring users who pair tracks
  • Referring users who operate Jukebox Nodes
  • Tipping $MUSIC to artists
  • Pairing an NFT track
  • Operating a new Jukebox Node
  • Upgrading a Jukebox Node
  • Redeeming a Mystery Box
  • Unlocking an All Access Experience
  • Interacting with a Live Stream
  • Buying BEATS on a Live Stream
  • Listening to Unique Tracks each Day

Revamped Referral Page

We’re all stronger together in the world of web3 entertainment. Part of acknowledging that our community is our most valued resource is agreeing to reward them for the ongoing support that makes it all possible. Supporting the Gala Music ecosystem has never been more rewarding. Just check out the extensive and recently updated list of ecosystem supporting actions here.

Empowerment Through Rewards

When we work together to build a music platform that empowers everyone, everyone deserves rewards for their time and attention. Newcomers who are about the latest drops and hottest emerging artists won’t always have experience with blockchain tech. On the contrary, we ultimately expect to onboard millions of users from all walks of life, far beyond the early adopter web3 community that has been so instrumental to our success.

We’re creating an ecosystem that takes fans and musicians deeper into the cutting edge of musical arts. By offering $MUSIC rewards to everyone involved in shaping that ecosystem, no matter their experience level or purchasing power, together we’re building a new musical paradigm. Whether you’re a casual listener, a chart-topping artist or a seasoned NFT collector, $MUSIC rewards await.

Perform actions now to help sustain and grow our community and earn points that represent shares of the daily $MUSIC distribution.

$MUSIC on GalaSwap

Enhanced use freedom is a huge part of our mission to empower and decentralize the music industry, and this update is a massive leap in that direction! You can now swap $MUSIC on GalaSwap, the official token swapping platform of GalaChain. That means without the need for bridging away from GalaChain, you can create or accept swaps and trade for tons of other GalaChain-based tokens offered on the platform, including $GALA, $GUSDC, $GWETH and more!

Mobile App Upgrades

The Gala Music is how you can tap into our world of web3 music anytime and anywhere, listening to the latest drops, joining live stream concert events, creating playlists and more. As we continue to streamline the app for both Android and iOS, we invite you all to download it for free and start experiencing your web3 music on the go.

Discover Genres Easily

With enhanced navigation on the homepage, you can explore music by genres with just a tap. Discover top songs in each category and find new favorites effortlessly.

Improved Music Controls

Manage your music experience with ease using the three-dot menu on any track. Add tracks to your playlist, like similar songs, share your favorites, or visit artist profiles—all from one spot.

Apple Airplay Compatibility

Enjoy seamless streaming on external devices via Apple Airplay. Whether you’re hosting a party or just enjoying music at home, our app ensures you get the best quality streaming experience.

Get Involved!

These updates are designed to make your Gala Music experience more intuitive, enjoyable, and rewarding. We invite you to dive in and explore all the new features available. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to evolve and tailor our platform to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Listen, engage, and enjoy—your next favorite track awaits you on Gala Music!