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Gala Music Payment Options: Boosting $MUSIC Utility

April 26, 2024
$MUSIC is the official utility token of the Gala Music ecosystem.
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We could never make such incredible strides in the web3 music revolution without the constant support of our amazing community. We’re grateful for your continued patience and the valuable feedback you’ve never hesitated to share with us. As always, we’ve been listening closely and working diligently to address your concerns and enhance your experience with Gala Music.

In our commitment to build a transparent and trusting relationship, we’re excited to announce a key update that aims to simplify your transactions and enhance the utility of our $MUSIC token.

Payment Options

Gala Music NFT track purchases can now be made exclusively with either credit cards or the $MUSIC token. This update should directly enhance the utility of $MUSIC while continuing to ensure that Gala Music tracks are as accessible as ever.

Previously, Gala Music tracks could also be purchased with $GALA or $ETH, payable from either the GalaChain or Ethereum wallets of any user’s account. These options have now been limited to ensure greater exclusive utility for $MUSIC, the reward token at the core of Gala Music.

Exclusive Discount for $MUSIC Holders

As an incentive for supporting $MUSIC, we’re now offering a 10% discount on all track purchases to users who hold at least 1 $MUSIC in their ETH wallet. It’s our way of thanking you for your support and to encourage the growing use of $MUSIC within our community.

We’re dedicated to improving communication and will continue to release regular updates and features that focus on your needs and feedback.

Thank you for your unwavering support as we journey together into the future of music. Your commitment to our platform inspires us every day to deliver better and exceed your expectations.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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