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‘Famous in the Metaverse’ Final Track Drop: Anthem 4 the Underdogz (feat. DMX)

March 8, 2024
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The finale of Louis King’s Famous in the Metaverse is here! Today at 1pm, “Anthem 4 the Underdogz (feat. DMX) will drop on Gala Music, bookending Louis King’s epic 1-month release schedule for this album.

Echoes of a Legend

This track is incredibly special – featuring a rare posthumous collab made possible through DMX’s estate.

Since the renowned rapper/actor’s tragic passing in 2021, fans have had only one chance to hear any of DMX’s work published. 2021’s Exodus was the 8th studio album recorded by DMX.  The artist would unfortunately never see the final product of his work, as it was released nearly two months after his death.

Exodus was the swan song for many – an essential part of grieving for fans who had deep personal ties to DMX’s work after his monumental 36-year career. The release “Anthem 4 the Underdogz” represents the first time that new music from DMX’s catalog releases since his final album. If Exodus was mourning, it’s now time for a celebration of DMX’s life and art.

‘Famous in the Metaverse’

Louis King’s new album has been trickling out for a month now, and the theme has been one of collaboration and the creative magnification that comes when brilliant minds work together. We can’t think of a better conclusion than “Anthem 4 the Underdogz.”

King has taken us across the spectrum of his musical wheelhouse. We’ve been surprised, touched and amazed as each track has hit our ears, and we sincerely hope that everyone in the community has thoroughly enjoyed this auditory exploration that Louis King has taken us on.

This album’s title is apt for what we’ve been served over the past month. Louis King has not only created a cohesive yet diverse work of art, but he’s also brought new collaboration and brilliance to web3. He’s exhibited the power that working together with new technologies can have to push the musical zeitgeist into a better future.

Drop the Beat

We’ve just dropped this latest track! If you want to grab a signature edition of this track, hurry over to and grab it now!

Like with other tracks on the album, 100 Signature Editions will drop initially. The price for each will be $200.

These tracks will provide the most $MUSIC rewards for listens when paired with a Jukebox Node. Since this is a Gala Music exclusive drop, you know where people will be going to hear it!

If you miss out on the Signature Edition, you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for news about further drops if you want to get your hands on this track. 

What are you waiting for? Go listen to this amazing track!