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This Week on Gala Music: New Drops, App Updates, and Celebrating International Women’s Month

March 12, 2024
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Step into a new week full of promise and rhythm as we bring you a lineup that resonates with the spirit of change, creativity, and empowerment. From the fervent call to action by Sandi Thom to the soulful reflections of Drex Carter and SEON, this week is set to be a symphony of powerful messages and innovative music experiences. Plus, we’ve got some exciting updates to the Gala Music app and a special call to the community in celebration of International Women’s Month.

Sandi Thom: A Rallying Cry for Change

This Friday, March 15th, marks a significant moment as Scottish pop-folk singer-songwriter Sandi Thom makes her anticipated return with “Revolution Anthem (Festival Of The Oppressed).” This track is not just music; it’s a movement encapsulated within a melody. A unique 3D mosaic art piece is included with the NFT track, made of her fans’ mugshots. Thom is setting the stage for a new generation of activism through art. Prepare to be part of the revolution at 1pm PT on Friday.

Listen to “Revolution Anthem” Now

A Week of Musical Richness

Tuesday Treasures: Kicking off the week, we have Drex Carter stepping into the spotlight with two Gala Music exclusives: “the clock got away this time” and “and in case i don’t see ya.” Carter’s music has always been a journey of introspection and emotion, and these tracks promise to take you on a reflective odyssey.

Midweek Marvel: The narrative continues with Atlanta’s lofi emo rapper SEON, who brings his track to life on Gala Music. SEON’s music is a heartfelt exploration of overcoming adversities and finding solace in creativity. Look out on Thursday at 1pm PT for the Signature Edition drop of “True Story,” A Gala Music exclusive track.

Friday Finds: Alongside Sandi Thom’s powerful release, we welcome BingX to the Gala Music family with “Conversations After Midnight.” Dive into the depths of night and thought with BingX’s debut on our platform.

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Gala Music App: A Fresh Look and Feel

We’re excited to announce some enhancements to the Gala Music app, designed to elevate your listening experience. The new “Jump Back In” feature allows you to easily access your recent listens from the home screen. We’ve made playlist navigation smoother, and the Gala Music logo now sports an eye-catching glow. Dive into your musical world with an app that’s as dynamic as the tracks it hosts.

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International Women’s Month: Share Your Story

In honor of International Women’s Month, Gala Music is celebrating the incredible women within our community. We invite you to share your inspiring stories, to not only celebrate your achievements but to also inspire others in the Gala community. Your journey could be the beacon of hope and motivation for many.

Share Your Story

Join the Symphony of Stories and Sounds

This week, Gala Music is not just about the drops; it’s about the stories, the struggles, the triumphs, and the relentless spirit of artists and fans alike. As we unfold this musical tapestry, we invite you to join us in celebrating creativity, diversity, and empowerment. Stay tuned, dive deep into the drops, update your app for a refreshed experience, and share your story with us in celebration of International Women’s Month. Let’s make this week unforgettable with every note, every beat, and every story shared.