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Who Ordered the Juice?

November 5, 2021
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We’ve been teasing that something big is coming to Town Star, something that will power up both the energy game in your town, and your play-to-earn rewards! Today is the day you’ve been waiting for, and it’s finally time to feast your eyes on the technological wonder of the Tesla Coil!

The Story

Small towns across the globe were struggling to generate the electricity needed to power their ambitious industrial production. While their delicious cakes, pristine uniforms and tempered blue steel were helping the cities in untold ways, the cities were guzzling power at an alarming rate. These cities took advantage of the latest methods of power generation whenever possible while the small towns were rarely able to reap the benefits of these technologies. Something had to change.

One day a brilliant young scientist named Nikole decided to move to the country, taking her most innovative and unreleased tech with her. Nikole was a descendent of the legendary scientist Nikola Tesla, whose rivalry with patent shark Thomas Edison had all but stricken his fine discoveries and inventions from the history books. With a sleek hoverboard, a no-guff-from-anyone attitude and a bone to pick with the power structure of the cities, Nikole set out to empower the underdogs, the small town dwellers everywhere.

It was in her new country headquarters that Nikole Tesla finally unveiled the marvel of the Tesla Coil. This device could generate pollution-free passive electricity as well as storable energy to spare. The amount of energy generated depended only on the size of the machine. Nikole set up a factory for the production of her Tesla Coils at an undisclosed location and began spreading them far and wide at a price that small towns could actually afford. Hurray for Nikole Tesla!

The Details

Tesla Coils come in 3 rarities: Standard, Rare and Legendary. Each rarity provides increasing levels of passive electricity, similar to that of the Solar Panels.

In addition to the passive energy benefits they provide, Tesla Coils also generate units of energy (batteries) that can be stored and used throughout your town where they are needed. The greater the rarity of the Tesla Coil, the quicker it provides units of energy.

Nikole herself can always be found hanging out around the Legendary Tesla Coil, acting as its own delivery person and buzzing around your town on her hoverboard!

She may not be the hero you expected, but she’s the one you deserve!


Tesla Coils are only available for TOWN, and they will be released in pricing tiers. Each tier consists of 10% of the total supply, and each new tier will have an increased price from the previous tier. Get your Tesla Coils early if you want the best deal!


Like every Town Star NFT (with the exception of skins), Tesla Coils have the potential to earn daily P2E rewards in TOWN. To unlock these rewards, players must have Gala Power and Season access (Season 1 is free). Additionally, players must complete their Daily Challenge each day to unlock that day’s play-to-earn rewards! Stay sharp, because Daily Challenges could get tougher at any time!

Play-to-Earn Rundown

Get Some Juice!

Now’s your chance! Pick up a Tesla Coil to keep your town at the cutting edge of energy tech and to unlock some awesome play-to-earn rewards.

We’re just getting started with the next generation of Town Star NFTs, including play-to-earn masterpieces, strategy-spiking showpieces, and grind-boosting gems. Those of you who will be coming to Las Vegas on December 11th and 12th for Into the Galaverse… we’ve got some absolutely amazing stuff in store and we can hardly wait!

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