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Updates to Town Star NFTs

November 6, 2021
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Every day, more players are playing to earn with Town Star NFTs. New TownCoin (TOWN) is entering the circulating supply as players complete their Daily Challenges and collect their rewards. Several new NFTs have recently been released in the Town Star store, and some of them are only available for TOWN.

The Play-to-Earn economy of Town Star will continue moving in this direction (more NFTs and more ways to play and earn), and today we’re pleased to announce a huge adjustment update that deals with supply, rarity, and pricing of NFTs for sale in the store.


Many of the NFT items that began being sold in the store before TSP2E did so with total supplies that were too high for an effective and growing play-to-earn economy. Asset scarcity is important in play-to-earn gaming, and while we cannot make any predictions or promises of value, collectibles (physical and nonphysical) have a long history of equating scarcity to greater value.

The Bonfire

We are now adjusting to a straightforward and consistent system of supply that is based on the rarity of the item. This adjustment consisted of a mass burning of NFTs from our for sale supply. The previous total supplies have been culled down to the target numbers listed under Rarity, set ablaze in one of the biggest NFT bonfires ever. Supplies of the following NFTs were affected by this change.

  • Water Tower — 10,000 previous supply
  • Wheat Stand — 10,000 previous supply
  • Brine Storage — 10,000 previous supply
  • Wheat Storage — 10,000 previous supply
  • Sugarcane Storage — 10,000 previous supply
  • Grape Storage — 10,000 previous supply
  • Rare Wheat Stand — 15,000 previous supply
  • Epic Wheat Stand — 5000 previous supply
  • Legendary Wheat Stand — 500 previous supply
  • Rare Water Tower — 5000 previous supply
  • Rare Grape Storage — 5000 previous supply
  • Rare Brine Storage — 5000 previous supply
  • Rare Sugarcane Storage — 5000 previous supply
  • Rare Wheat Storage — 5000 previous supply
  • Epic Water Tower — 2500 previous supply
  • Epic Grape Storage — 2500 previous supply
  • Epic Brine Storage — 2500 previous supply
  • Epic Sugarcane Storage — 2500 previous supply
  • Epic Wheat Storage — 2500 previous supply
  • Legendary Brine Storage — 1500 previous supply
  • Legendary Grape Storage — 1500 previous supply
  • Legendary Sugarcane Storage — 1500 previous supply
  • Legendary Wheat Storage — 1500 previous supply
  • Legendary Water Tower — 1500 previous supply
  • Mr. Puddles — 15,000 previous supply
  • Solar Panel (Standard only) — 25,000 previous supply


The supply for items currently in the Town Star store and everything that will be added later is now determined by the following guidelines.

When items are sold for GALA

Uncommon Items = 5500 Total Supply (5000 for sale)
Rare Items = 2750 Total Supply (2500 for sale)
Epic Items = 1375 Total Supply (1250 for sale)
Legendary Items = 550 Total Supply (500 for sale)

When items are sold for TOWN

Uncommon items = 2750 Total Supply (2500 for sale)
Rare items = 1000 Total Supply (900 for sale)
Epic items = 625 Total Supply (563 for sale)
Legendary items = 150 Total Supply (135 for sale)


With this update, a system of tiered pricing was introduced to Town Star, similar to that which is used for Mirandus Exemplars and Spider Tanks parts. Each time a new price tier is unlocked, the price of that increases.

There are a few different reasons for the implementation of this system.

  1. Lower Price for Early Purchasers — Pricing increases as more items sell, creating a greater incentive for those who purchase at earlier tiers.
  2. Pacing — With community members all over the world, it is important that everyone has a chance to take part in each sale. This system of unlocking new tiers ensures that instant sellouts will never disappoint our community.
  3. Gamification — We love games, and tiered pricing is a way of adding some fun and gamification to our NFT sales. Collectors and players must practice strategies in watching the store, reading the community and deciding when to buy. It’s fun!


Because this update caused the total supplies of many NFTs to change drastically, the daily potential TOWN earnings of many items have also changed. As we have previously discussed, we will not share specific lists of TOWN rewards. They are subject to change, and we want to minimize the potential misinformation that can be caused by things like shared screenshots and community made videos.

Those of you who are already playing to earn, pay close attention to your daily TOWN rewards. Many of them have increased, and we think you’ll be very pleased.

Welcome to the next era of Town Star Play-to-Earn! The above changes have already taken effect, so what are you waiting for? Get out there and build your dream play-to-earn NFT collection with Town Star, your favorite game of town and city builders!

Thanks as always for your loyalty and support!