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VOX Souls: Coming Soon to a Lunchbox Near You!

June 24, 2022
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If you’re a VOX owner, your chance is coming to claim a VOX Soul for free! Find your #VOXSoulMate


Starting soon and for a limited time, VOX owners can mint 1 VOX Soul (for each of their VOX) for free at The only thing you’ll be required to pay is ETH for gas.

Only the first 2664 (10% of total) VOX Souls will be available, and only while supplies last. All remaining Souls will be sold later.


It’s time to get to know your VOX better, starting with the boxes in which they arrived.

VOX Boxes are mysterious inventions. Defying time and space, these extraordinary devices can house and support a VOX for ages. One of the earlier designs for VOX Boxes had a peculiar shape — a lunchbox.

Lunchboxes are containers of immense power, having cradled the positive energy of yummy PB&J’s, single-serve yogurts and individually wrapped snack cakes for so many years. While lunchboxes were never a good fit for the housing of individual VOX, they turned out to be the ideal vessel for the safekeeping of pre-minted VOX Souls.

Wait, VOX have Souls?

Yes! Destined to choose a different path, only Town Star, Mirandus and The Walking Dead VOX have solved one of the greatest mysteries in the universe: how to develop a Soul.

Souls breathe life into VOX, adding more personality.

Each Soul has personality traits that are useful in the wide world of VOX. While having a Soul is not required to play VOX Odyssey or VOXverse, certain personality traits come in handy when building relationships or collecting resources. The choices you make matter and the type of Soul you have is meaningful.

Similar to the zodiac signs, the exact second your VOX was originally minted determines which type of Soul resonates with your VOX to start, but the connection isn’t permanent. Change your Soul as often as you like. You can scour the secondary markets to buy and sell different Souls to find the perfect one to infuse into your VOX.

Will your Soul embody the smarts of a genius, the swagger of a storyteller, or something else entirely?

Soul Types

Who will you be in the metaverse?

  • The Artisan
  • The Sage
  • The Scholar
  • The Warrior
  • The Star
  • The Maverick
  • The Healer
  • The Hermit
  • The Leader
  • The Wanderer
  • The Hunter
  • The Trickster

Souls that DeFi

With both VOX and VOX Souls, we will be introducing a new and exciting version of DeFi that you have not seen anywhere else. Instead of passive earning, users who own VOX (with an increase for those who own Souls) will get access to an ecosystem of products that will provide a variety of DeFi-related benefits. As a VOX (or VOX + Soul) owner who chooses to engage in our new and improved DeFi, keep in mind that engagement is not at all passive. DeFi rewards will always require activity, and the requirements of that activity will vary.

A Soul vibrates with enigmatic energy, which helps attract VOXcoin. A soul will serve as a boost for the potential rewards you can earn for playing with your VOX once VOXcoin is launched.

How to Summon Your Soul

To match each VOX from the first three series (Town Star, Mirandus, The Walking Dead), a total of 26,664 VOX Souls will eventually exist. You can now connect your MetaMask wallet to the website.

Only the first 2664 VOX Souls will be available in this first claim window, and these 2664 claims will all be free (except for gas). That leaves over 24,000 VOX still without souls, so look for TBA future sales for and VOX Soul claiming opportunities.

You can mint one Soul for each VOX you own and hold in your wallet. A VOX can only have their Soul minted one time. After a VOX’s Soul is claimed from the ethers, that VOX will lose access to the cosmic realm forever, making it ineligible to claim more Souls, even if transferred to a different wallet.

The Soul you will receive is predetermined based on the time of when your VOX was ‘born’ on the blockchain. It’s fate!

Remember, to claim a VOX Soul, you must be a VOX owner from one of the first three series. If interested in VOX ownership, check out the official secondary market collections listed below:

Series 1: Town Star
Series 2: Mirandus
Series 3 AMC’s The Walking Dead

Summon your Soul soon at!

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