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Galaxian Highlights | #3 | Primarchs of the Crimson Sun

June 25, 2022
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Continue to get to know the Gala Games Team that makes the magic happen with another Galaxian Highlights! Today we spotlight Light GG!

The Primarchs of the Crimson Sun

Our community at Gala Games is a beautiful thing, and a lot of people work very hard to support and foster a positive culture and environment throughout every life that Gala Games touches. The Primarchs of the Crimson Sun are the front line customer service professionals who are there day in and day out to make sure the needs of the community are met.

In this installment, we are taking some time to get to know Elijah– better known as Light GG among the community. While you may not interact with him as often as some of the other Primarchs, his hand helps keep both the community and everything under its glorious hood running smoothly, even when unseen. He’s commonly the go-to for Founder’s Node issues on the Gala Games Discord, but is always there for whatever the community needs.

What do you do at Gala Games?

I am a Customer Support Lead. I enjoy working with my co-leads and my awesome team members to help resolve issues for the community. I help train and mentor people, manage the apps utilized by the team, and help with what needs to be done to provide support to the company.

What previous experience brought you to Gala Games?

Before Gala Games, I worked in the IT industry for small to medium businesses and large corporations. My previous role was a Systems Engineer that works with non for profit organizations. I helped with daily IT operations, provided consulting, and managed systems and network infrastructure.

I have been in the crypto space for some years and experienced the entire rollercoaster for better and worse. This combined experience allowed me to transition well into Gala Games and it’s been a pleasure ever since.

Why did you pick your Galaxian D&D title?

I’ve picked Light Mage because I enjoy supporting people to excel in their roles. The sense of fulfillment in seeing people succeed is such a satisfying feeling. It’s also the role I commonly pick when playing games because magic and wizardry are so cool.

What are your favorite games?

I grew up playing video games as I was in computer shops for the majority of my childhood. I heavily played GoldenEye007, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Tenchu Stealth Assassins, Tekken, Counter Strike, DotA, League of Legends, and Rust.

My play to earn experience started with DotA in Warcraft III though as when I was in grade 6, I started joining tournaments and events where people pooled money and whomever team wins gets it all. I’ve competed in the Bicol region within the Philippines with friends and had such a wonderful time. Ah, this brings back great memories.

One of my favorite games is League of Legends. I started playing it back in 2009 and managed to reach Diamond in 2014 playing Jungle, ADC, and Mid. The Nidalee One-shot build is one of my favorites because Tons of Damage!

Lately, I’ve been playing Spider Tanks, Risks of Rain 2 and trying to learn how to play Minecraft.

Favorite music?

In terms of music, I enjoy listening to a wide range of genres depending on the mood. I listen to pop, rock, punk rock, metal, heavy metal, kpop, and EDM.

After watching the Bohemian Rhapsody movie, I played my Queen playlist on repeat for a month which my wife surely appreciated.

Favorite foods?

Picking a favorite food is tough. I like fried chicken and it’s probably why I used to work for KFC Restaurant. In all seriousness, I love fried chicken, especially Korean Fried Chicken and Jollibee. Also, I like a medium-rare steak with a hint of garlic and paprika. I also like sushi– specifically mango and volcano roll. I could go on…

What’s your ideal pizza/sandwich date?

I’d choose pizza any day of the week. An ideal pizza for me would be a donair pizza that has extra cheese, onions, and garlic, then watch a thriller movie with my wife.

Which Spider Tanks hat bests describes you?

Spoilers, cause it looks great, doesn’t it? PLUS ZOOM ZOOM.

Kitty is the true Spider Tanks master.

. . .

Thank you to Elijah for sharing about himself with the community! Now when Light GG helps you solve your world-ending Node problems on Discord, you’ll know what cat to picture sitting on the other side of the screen.

You all make the Web3 world possible, and we’re always excited to feature some of the people who help support our community. There are a lot more dedicated professionals to feature coming up! Join us next time as we continue to shine a spotlight on the Primarchs of the Crimson Sun!

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