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US Node Tournament — It’s Semifinals Time!

November 22, 2021
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After some terrific showings from eight 3-person teams of US-based Node operators, the Quarterfinal round is complete and today it’s time for 2 epic Semifinal matchups!

The two winning teams of today’s battles will receive tickets to Into the Galaverse, where they will join the Gala Games team and community LIVE in Las Vegas on December 11th and 12th. There, they will compete along with the two winning teams from the Spider Tanks World Cup — Seoul 2021 on the Spider Tanks Galaverse World Stage!

These players will get a truly incredible esports experience in which they’ll compete for amazing prizes and give spectators a glimpse of what’s to come for Spider Tanks, the world’s first blockchain esport!

Looking Back at the Quarterfinals

The four Quarterfinal matches over the last two days have been an absolute blast to watch! Catch up with the four videos shared below if you’d like to watch them yourself in preparation of the big Semifinal matchups today!

WARNING — Don’t scroll past the videos unless you want to see the bracket and know who wins!

Immediate George vs The Lone Tankers

Second String Spiders vs Galagna’s Goons

Orcasaurus Jinn vs Tank Me Later

Smooth Hiro vs Disco Spiders

Tonight’s Matchups

The Friday night Semifinal battles start at 5pm with Orcasaurus Jinn vs Smooth Hiro. After that at 6pm (PST), it’s Immediate George vs Second String Spiders.

Look for tonight’s Semifinal battles LIVE on Youtube! The action starts at 5pm PST, so come out and cheer for your favorite team!

About Spider Tanks

Spider Tanks is an upcoming PVP arena brawler from GAMEDIA and Gala Games. This expertly crafted and brilliantly competitive game will be the world’s first internationally renowned play-to-earn esport! Learn more at


GAMEDIA is an award winning game studio from the Netherlands, with an extensive track record and history. The long list of games they have developed are mostly based on well know entertainment IP’s and have seen the light on a wide range of platforms and hardware. Currently they are focused on creating our own high quality multiplayer games for PC, consoles as well as mobile.

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