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Spider Tanks Korea Node Owner Tournament — Day 2

November 23, 2021
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Here’s your tournament recap of this morning’s battles in the Spider Tanks Korea Node Owner Tournament, after the second day of the Preliminary round!

Just like Day 1, two matches ended with 3–0 scores, and one match with a score of 3–1. Clear champion level contenders are emerging as competition heats up. A variety of gameplay strategies were displayed this morning. While some teams engaged in battles of wits, other teams depended more on particular individuals with amazing gaming skills.

irishpark vs TAS

Due to location lag and repeated technical issues from irishpark, there were several rematches in this matchup. The leader of irishpark expressed his intent to withdraw the team from the match due to the network issue of his team member and fortune smiled on TAS, abruptly ending the contest.

Korea S Class vs NeOnSiGn_KOR

This match ended with 3–1 score. Even viewers could feel the tension of the players. In the second set, both teams focused on long-distance weapons, which did not allow either team to score. As both teams continued to play safe during the overtime, it ended up lasting a full two minutes. Then in the third set, Korea S Class changed their strategy and made bold moves, helping the team to victory.

Ha Ko Tank vs K9 Thunder

This game probably was the best matchup of Day 2. Here, individual players’ skills played a more important role than overall team strategy. K9 Thunder focused on being fast and accurate. The sets were so exciting the viewers were on the edge of their seats the entire time. This matchup put the spotlight on two star players. Regardless of their team’s victory or defeat, David_Action and Cora were always behind the best scenes. During the after-game interview, David_Action expressed how much he enjoyed playing Spider Tanks. He showed that “only those who have fun can win.”

After Day 2, three more teams can breathe easy as they happily advance to the Quarterfinals, but the other three teams met a bitter end to their short Spider Tanks tournament journey.

Day 3 Schedule

Tomorrow’s matchups will take place in late evening KST, which is early morning in the United States.

21:00 KST — 4am PST

MiningQueen vs. maxtank

22:00 KST — 5am PST

795 vs PIRIMI

23:00 KST — 6am PST (First Quarterfinal)

AK vs Las


To join the fun tomorrow morning, pop into the Gala Games Discord community, where the party will be happening in the Spider Tanks channels.

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