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TSP2E — Your Biggest Questions, Answered

September 29, 2021
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Yesterday we dropped a Town Star bomb, announcing that #TSP2E early access will begin next week, October 5th with THIS POST. You must have been eagerly awaiting this big announcement, because the questions immediately began rolling in.

We intend to have published resources (both on Support.Gala.Games and the soon-to-launch Town Star website) available soon that will hopefully answer all your questions. Most of the team is heads-down, working hard on TSP2E and other exciting developments, but while you wait, here’s a handy breakdown of the most asked questions (with answers) over the last 24 hours.

Will you only be able to earn with placed NFTs?


Will node operators get daily TownCoin distribution?

Yes, if they complete their node requirements for that day.

Will all TownStar placeable NFTs be able to earn?


Will skins also earn TownCoin?


What is Gala Power?

⚡Gala Power⚡ is a system of levels proportional to how many of your NFTs will be eligible for daily play-to-earn rewards in TownCoin, based on the amounts of GALA and TownCoin you are currently holding. In the future, this number may also include other factors such as NFTs, account age, and referrals.

Will GALA in your Treasure Chest count towards your Gala Power?


Will holding TownCoin have benefits?

Yes. Holding TownCoin will add to your ⚡Gala Power⚡at a 2X rate.
For example, if you are a level 2, you can get to level 4 by holding half as much TownCoin as you could holding GALA.

What will future TownCoin utility be?

Here are 2 examples: (lots of future possibilities are being discussed)
Items will be released in the Gala Games store that are purchasable only with TownCoin. Eventually, buildings may be upgradeable by spending TownCoin.

What is the max supply of TownCoin?

1 Quadrillion (1,000,000,000,000,000) (to 8 decimals)

Where can I purchase TownCoin?

Following the initial Beta launch, the ERC-20 token TownCoin can be earned, but not yet purchased.

How often is Gala Power updated?

⚡Gala Power⚡ will be updated in real time. A refresh may be required to view the updated value.

If I withdraw GALA will it immediately affect my Gala Power?

Yes, withdrawing GALA will immediately affect your ⚡Gala Power⚡.

Will I eventually be able to purchase Season Passes with TownCoin?

Yes, but not necessarily during the first round.

Will NFTs in your Treasure Chest be placeable and able to earn?


How will levels of Gala Power relate to the number of NFT eligible for rewards?

Each level will allow you to place one NFT. Example: if you are level 20, you will be able to place 20 NFTs to earn TownCoin.

Will VOX be playable in Town Star?

Yes. Look for a post tomorrow with more information.

How are NFT rarities determined?

Town Star NFT rarity will be determined by total supply on-chain.
VOX rarity will be determined by their current rarity according to rarity score at

How are the amounts of GALA and TownCoin held used to determine ⚡Gala Power⚡ level?

Gala Power Equation:

Gala Power = Gala Coin + (Town Coin*2)

Gala Power Scale (Subject to change)

Levels 1–20: Every 5K ⚡Gala Power⚡ held increases your level by one
Levels 21–35: Every 10K ⚡Gala Power⚡ held increases your level by one
Levels 36–45: Every 25K ⚡Gala Power⚡ held increases your level by one
Levels 46–55: Every 50K ⚡Gala Power⚡ held increases your level by one
Levels 56–65: Every 100K ⚡Gala Power⚡ held increases your level by one
Levels 66–73: Every 1M ⚡Gala Power⚡ held increases your level by one
Levels 74–81: Every 5M ⚡Gala Power⚡ held increases your level by one
Levels 82–86: Every 10M ⚡Gala Power⚡ held increases your level by one
Levels 87–94: Every 50M ⚡Gala Power⚡ held increases your level by one
Levels 95–100: Every 100M ⚡Gala Power⚡ held increases your level by one

That concludes your most popular questions from over the last 24 hours, with answers. Feel free to join in the discussion in the Discord community, tag us with your #TSP2E thoughts and reactions on social media, and join us for an epic early access launch next week!