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Town Star Play-to-Earn… Starring VOX!

September 30, 2021
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The endless VOX dance party will continue in [insert your town’s name here]… as long as you’re fortunate enough to own a VOX. Didn’t we say that it would be a good idea to have one of these NFT avatars?

Town Star P2E is just another example of how it pays to have a VOX. Your VOX will live in its own original packaging house, boogying down in its own perpetual dance party. Who knows? You may even see your VOX leave the confines of its original packaging and start mingling around your town, spreading that characteristic VOX cheer.

There are air holes. We promise!

Some Q’s and Some A’s

What will VOX do in Town Star?

What won’t they do? They’ll dance, they’ll look pretty, and if you’re eligible through Gala Power and you complete your daily challenges, they’ll earn you TownCoin daily.

Is there a limit to how many VOX I can place?

Nope, if you are Level 100, you’re welcome to place 100 if you’re a freakishly devoted collector extraordinaire! However, those eligible to earn daily TownCoin will be limited by your Gala Power, and you might have trouble completing your daily challenge with 100 VOX dancing around your town.

How much will each VOX earn?

This is pretty simple. Check the rarity score of your VOX on Rarity.Tools. The rarest VOX (rarity rank 1) has a rarity score of 3074.57. The least rare (rarity rank 8888) has a rarity score of 37.6.

The exact number of a VOX’s rarity score is also the number of TownCoin that VOX will earn on a daily basis.

For example, this VOX…

…can earn 37.60 TownCoin daily, provided that all eligibility requirements (daily challenge, Gala Power, and eventually Season Pass) have been met.

This VOX…

can earn a whopping 3074.57 TownCoin each day as long as Gala Power and daily challenge requirements are met.

They’re both adorable, but one is quite a bit better at earning TownCoin, based on the blockchain rarity of the NFT. Keep that in mind if you feel like shopping for a VOX on the secondary market at Opensea.

Do I need to place my VOX next to a road?

Great question! Yep, your VOX house will need to be placed next to a road like most buildings in Town Star. Were you planning to make your VOX dance in the mud? C’mon, show a little respect!

We are incredibly excited to propel this game that we all love into the stratosphere of play-to-earn. As we continue to grow our incredible team daily, Gala Games is beyond grateful to our community, whose support makes all this growth and success possible. We will always empower and support you in any way we can, and we will raise the bar for the entire world of own-your-experience gaming.

Join the discussion in the Gala Games Discord community, and look for more news coming soon about Town Star Play-to-Earn!