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Updates to Gala Games Inventory

October 1, 2021
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The Gala Games team is making great strides toward completion of the in-house blockchain upon which this ecosystem will ultimately run: GalaChain.

We are incredibly excited about the progress being made, and we can hardly wait to bring you a long-term solution to unpredictable and irritating Ethereum network fees (gas), as well as a means of fast and nearly free transactions throughout the Gala Games ecosystem. The platform update described below is an important step in transitioning the user experience from minting items from a Treasure Chest to transferring items from GalaChain to Ethereum, where they can be withdrawn and traded externally.

This update has already taken place, and is designed to shift your understanding of the characteristics and differences of items/tokens in Treasure Chests and Inventory. Treasure Chests will eventually be phased out, and their function is now covered by an Inventory section called GalaChain Inventory.

“Treasure Chest” Inventory will now be managed through Inventory

What Happens to the Treasure Chest?

What Gala Gamers have come to know as the Treasure Chest will (in the not-too-distant future) become known as GalaChain, an entire blockchain. GalaChain will not be limited to the functions of the Treasure Chest, but everything the Treasure Chest currently does will eventually become an example of a GalaChain function.

When an item or token is awarded to a player’s GalaChain Wallet, it will be minted on GalaChain. Similarly to the way items are currently “minted” from the Treasure Chest, items and tokens will have the ability to be transferred from your GalaChain Wallet to your Ethereum Wallet. When this export happens, you will still be required to pay gas fees, just as you currently do when items are minted from the Treasure Chest.

This is what players will see when converting GALA [GC] to GALA [ETH]

Once GalaChain is released (several months from now), players will be able to not only transfer items or convert tokens from GalaChain to ETH, but also send items/tokens to other players’ GalaChain Inventories. Remember that GalaChain will be a completely separate blockchain where items and coins are minted.

Notice ETH-based GALA and GalaChain-based GALA

Hopefully this update helps everyone (noobs and veterans alike) understand the process that we are working toward as our development team works hard on GalaChain, a real Gala Game-changer!

There is a LOT more coming for the Gala Games ecosystem, including new games and new ways to play and earn! Make sure to keep in touch, watch the Discord and get ready for more interesting news! Follow Gala Games on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or in our Discord!