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Town Starter Updates… Storehouses for All!

January 26, 2022
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You get a Storehouse! You get a Storehouse! Everyone gets a Storehouse!!!

The Town Star team is always listening to community feedback, analyzing data and making improvements to create a smoother and more empowering player experience. Today a new update went live that will lower the difficulties facing all new Town Star players, pushing them ever closer to accomplishment of the most important Town Star challenge: Gasoline production.

From now on, every new town starts with a Storehouse already on the board. Continue on to learn why this is such an important move toward a more compelling and enjoyable first time player experience.

The Storage Challenge

As all new players quickly discover, resource storage is one of the most important strategic considerations in the game. All resources, from the most basic crops to the highest tier crafted goods, must have space in a dedicated storage unit. If no storage space is available when a good is produced, that good is exploded on the street in a wasteful and tragic display.

Different types of resources are stored in different buildings, as described below.

Wood Shed ($5000) — Wood, Oak Wood and Lumber

Silo ($10,000) — Wheat, Sugarcane, Cotton, Mint, Brine, Pumpkins

Storehouse ($20,000) — Eggs, Milk, Wool, Butter, Batter, Flour, Salt, Sugar, Cake, Baguette, Candy Canes, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon

Warehouse ($10,000) — Water Drum, Energy, Chromium, Limestone, Steel, Blue Steel, Wine Bottles, Wool Yarn, Cotton Yarn, Uniforms

Fuel Storage ($15,000) — Gasoline, Crude Oil, Petroleum, Jet Fuel

As you can see above, the Storehouse is not only the most expensive storage building, but it also stores the greatest number of different goods.

Here’s the Storehouse sitting comfortably next to your Well in a Forest!

Early Steps

New players must elevate their production as quickly as possible, selling more than just Wheat to ensure they can make enough money to continue on the road to Gasoline production. There are a few different ways to take these early upgrade steps, but all of them have previously required the addition of a Storehouse.

Now, with the $20,000 Storehouse initially included, the player can build a Windmill, a Chicken Coop, or a Sheep Farm faster. This will allow them to start producing a higher tier good that can bring in 5–10x more per load than selling a basic crop like Wheat. New players spending half (or more) of their Gasoline selling Wheat alone has always been a recipe for disaster, often resulting in players having to start over after a few hours of play.

Life can be tough in a desert… The Storehouse makes it easier!

On Your Way to Gasoline

Getting to the point of crafting your own Gasoline is simpler than you may think, especially if you break it down into just what is needed.

  1. Cash Flow — To make Gasoline, you’ll need a secure source of money without worrying about running out of your initial Gasoline supply. This means upgrading your production to a higher tier good like Flour or Eggs.
  2. Warehouse ($10,000) — A Warehouse is the only storage building missing when you begin the game. It’s needed to store Energy and Water Drums for your Gasoline production.
  3. Water Facility ($10,000) — The Water Facility makes Water Drums (very easily if placed next to a pond).
  4. Wind Turbine ($2500) — If placed far away from wind-blocking buildings, your Wind Turbine will produce Energy fast.
  5. Oil Pump ($1250) — Each Oil Pump makes Crude Oil on a timer. Hint: You can place them next to Wind Turbines with no negative effects.
  6. Worker House ($2500) — The Worker that lives here is required to harvest your Energy and Oil, delivering them to storage buildings.
  7. Paved Road ($10,000) — The road next to your Refinery must be paved before the Refinery is built.
  8. Refinery ($15,000) — This final step is used to refine Crude Oil, Energy and Water Drums into Petroleum, then Petroleum, Energy and Water Drums into Gasoline.
A Storehouse on the Plains gives you a place to store your Eggs, Milk and Wool!

As you can see, having a Storehouse at the beginning of the game simplifies the first step, allowing you to establish a secure cash flow earlier than ever.

This update to Town Star gameplay should allow all players to hit the ground running more quickly while affording new players a smoother experience when first learning the game. Win win!

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