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Land Ownership in Legends Reborn

January 26, 2022
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As we prepare for the inaugural Venue Presale, here’s what you need to know about land ownership in the upcoming CCG!

It looks like you’re as excited as we are for the first collectible card game in the Gala Games Ecosystem. This beautiful and competitive strategy game built by our friends at Kung Fu Factory will absolutely raise the bar for not only play-to-earn card games, but for the entire genre. Card games, play-to-earn, and NFT ownership are a perfect combination for player empowerment, and we know we have a real hit on our hands with Legends Reborn.

As we’ve previously announced, the game’s first Venue presale will go live tomorrow, Wednesday January 26th. If you signed up through the website before Monday, you should have received advance notice of the exact time of sale. If not, be ready, and make sure to sign up with your email at LegendsReborn.Game so you get the info early from now on!

Owning Land

Those who purchase a Venue in this presale will constitute the very first landowners in Legends Reborn. Not only will they have access to the lowest possible store prices on the available Venues, but all Venues are limited in supply, so there is no telling when they will vanish!

Venue owners will have the potential to earn a portion of the rewards generated by matches that take place in their Venue.

Venue Owners will not simply own and earn. Instead, like the owner of any thriving establishment, they will need to commit time and energy to upkeep. Venues can be upgraded to increase play-to-earn reward potential and reach. Remember, this is a play-to-earn CCG, and like all Gala Games, to earn you must play.

Host beginner matches without breaking the bank by owning a Common Dive Tavern!

Sale Details

On Wednesday, January 26th the first Venue Presale will open. The exact time of the sale will be revealed in the AMA linked at the bottom of the page.

Up to 50% of the total supply (listed below) of each Venue will be sold in this round.

In the event of a quick sellout, there will still be 50% available in a future (TBA) round of presale.

Venues will use increasing price tiers, with each 10% of supply sold unlocking a new tier and increasing the price.

Note: If an item says “SOLD OUT,” it most likely means it is sold out at the current tier only. Check back later.

Host advanced matches in style by owning a City Arena!

This Venue Sale will be available for at least 48 hours, or until items sell out.

6 Different Venues Sold

  • Dive Tavern (Common) — Total Supply: 3250
  • Upscale Tavern (Uncommon) — Total Supply: 1525
  • Backwater Arena (Rare) — Total Supply: 730
  • City Arena (Epic) — Total Supply: 320
  • Coliseum (Legendary) — Total Supply: 96
  • Grand Coliseum (Ancient) — Total Supply: 41

Founder’s Node Distribution

As always when new in-game items are minted, approximately 4% will be randomly distributed to Founder’s Node operators whose Nodes have met the minimum requirements for the day.

In this case, 245 Venues will be distributed to Founder’s Node operators this evening, broken down according to the list below. This is one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of Founder’s Node ownership.

  • 133 Dive Taverns
  • 63 Upscale Taverns
  • 30 Backwater Arenas
  • 13 City Arenas
  • 4 Coliseums
  • 2 Grand Coliseums
Host the most prestigious matches in the world by owning a magnificent Grand Coliseum!

Initial Pricing

Note about pricing: USD prices are approximate and may fluctuate moment-to-moment based on the current market value of GALA.

These prices will increase by a consistent percentage with each supply tier.

  • Dive Tavern — $1800
  • Upscale Tavern — $3500
  • Backwater Arena — $7000
  • City Arena — $15,000
  • Coliseum — $60,000
  • Grand Coliseum — $105,000

AMA with the Developers

Throughout this week and last, there have been several live AMA sessions in multiple languages hosted on the Gala Games channels.

Tomorrow, don’t miss the English language AMA at 3pm PST at the link below.

Stay active and informed in the Gala Games Discord community, and watch closely for Legends Reborn updates, which will be plentiful in the coming weeks and months as we prepare for launch!

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