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Own the Arena with Legends Reborn!

January 27, 2022
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The gates to Tolkhiem are open, and the Venue sale for Legends Reborn has now begun in the Gala Games Store!

The CCG of Legends Reborn is a noble pursuit throughout the world of Tolkhiem, and those who host matches play a critical role in society. As conflicts great and small are solved at the tables, Venue owners can potentially find their esteem, influence, and fortunes growing. Hard-working owners who strive to make their Venues the greatest in the realm could find themselves sharing in the rewards of matches in their halls.

Venues On Sale Now

The Legends Reborn Venue Presale is now live for a limited time. This sale will take place over the next 48 hours, but we can’t promise the supply of any particular Venue will last that long.

This sale will have increased pricing tiers, meaning the cost will increase with every 10% of the supply that’s grabbed up. If you want to secure yourself a piece of Tolkhiem, you may want to act fast.


Six different Venue rarities will be available during this presale. Each has a different base price that will then increase as the supply depletes. This sale will include 50% of the total supply that will ever be minted for these Venues, and each 10% of the supply triggers a new pricing tier.

  • Common: Dive Tavern $1800
  • Uncommon: Upscale Tavern $3500
  • Rare: Backwater Arena $7000
  • Epic: City Arena $15,000
  • Legendary: Coliseum $60,000
  • Ancient: Grand Coliseum $105,000

Prepare for the Legend

The presale is live now and will last for at least 48 hours, though the Venue you’re after could potentially be gone much sooner. Kung Fu Factory has crafted an engaging and unique experience from the classic CCG genre, and this represents the first chance at ownership within the game. This Venue presale is another exciting step towards getting into Tolkhiem and fully experiencing Legends Reborn!

If you’re excited to learn more about Legends Reborn, check out the above AMA with Kung Fu Factory. For more details on the presale and how Venues work within the world of Tolkhiem, check out our deep dive into Venue ownership.

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