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The Dragon is Back

February 8, 2022
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Mirandus Skin Packs are back in limited supply with an AMAZING in-game ability coming soon!


  • The remaining supply of Mirandus Skin Packs has been drastically reduced by burn.
  • 2 of the 10 Skin Packs will be released each week in extremely limited quantities.
  • A new Town Star utility beginning soon will create a stronger incentive than ever before to collect all 10 Dragon Vouchers!

At Gala Games, we’re gamers first, just like you. We look for the most compelling and exciting gaming experiences that can be found, nothing within our imaginations is truly out of reach, and we recognize some gaming conventions that don’t always cut it anymore.

When gamers hear the word “skin,” they’re reminded of something that will spruce up the look of their gaming experience in some simple aesthetic way. Most serious players are tired of spending real money on skins that do nothing, especially when they aren’t even entitled to real ownership of their items.

Thanks to blockchain tech and the ability to own your Gala Games experience, we’re reskinning the idea of gaming skins completely, demonstrating just how powerful these multi-layered game-boosting items can be.

Mirandus-Themed Skins are Coming Back

Last year, our art team spun up some beautifully authentic medieval style Mirandus-Themed versions of every single Town Star building and character. They were sold in the Gala Games store in 10 different Skin Packs, each containing 5 different skins from the set.

The Mirandus-Themed Skin Packs have since been pulled from the store, but after a massive supply-reducing NFT bonfire, we’re excited to announce that they’ll be back in small, measured quantities each week starting tomorrow, February 8th, 2022.

Only a max of 2500 Dragon Familiars can now ever exist in total. This limited opportunity return sale will cover the final 250 sets of 10 Dragon Vouchers.

When the Skin Packs were first released, the sole utility was the Dragon Voucher described below, but as time went on, we continued to demonstrate how easily additional layers of benefits and in-game utilities can be added to existing owned items.

The Dragon Voucher

Each Skin Pack contained a 1/10 Dragon Voucher, and collecting and keeping all 10 Dragon Vouchers will allow the owner to later claim a Mirandus Dragon Familiar in the upcoming MMORPG, Mirandus.

A couple months into the initial sale of the Mirandus-Themed Skin Packs, it was decided that they should have a Town Star in-game boost like nothing else that existed in the game. The Town Star engineers put their heads down and came up with a unique worker speed and production boost based on how many different Skin Packs a player has deployed in their town.

The Utility Boost

  • If 1 Skin from each Pack is deployed in your town, you will receive the maximum total worker speed bonus of 25%, a substantial increase to the travel speed of all workers. (2.5% per Pack deployed).
  • Additionally, all craft production is increased by 1% for each Skin Pack represented, up to a maximum bonus of 10%.
  • Learn more about these benefits in THIS ARTICLE from last year.

These in-game benefits are pretty incredible when so much of Town Star is strategy around travel time and efficiency of production. When you also consider the fact that each Skin is a separate token and they can be traded individually on the OpenSea secondary market, it becomes possible to make the in-game boosts a reality even without buying the Packs directly from the store.

The Not-So-Familiar Town Star Dragon

Since the supply of possible Dragon Familiars was culled so drastically (10k to 2.5k) with this burn, it was only natural to provide a new layer of Town Star utility that justified the significant price increase from when Mirandus Skin Packs were previously sold.

Owners of all 10 Dragon Vouchers will take advantage of new winged and scaled transport unit. Your Dragon Familiar will flap around your town in style, delivering goods to nearby cities. The best part is that your Dragon Familiar will make deliveries with absolutely no Gasoline cost.

Imagine how making Gasoline-free deliveries could completely change your Town Star game. Instead of creating a polluted industrial area just for Gasoline production every time, you could get truly creative with your builds, experimenting with new strategies or trying out new crafts and systems.

Dragonkeepers, you’ll have the luxury of placing your towns in exotic locations even further from cities with no Gasoline costs!

Here’s an early design iteration of the Town Star Dragon — visual details subject to change.

Sale Structure

For those who don’t have their Skins already, this could be a tough one to pull off, but don’t forget about the secondary market at OpenSea.

Each Tuesday for the next 5 weeks, a single supply tier of only 2 Skin Packs will be available while supplies last.

Each Skin Pack at this tier will be priced at $2500*

*USD price is only an estimate and may fluctuate regularly based on fluctuating values of various currencies accepted as payment.

You must watch both Discord and the store closely for the exact time of the drop. You will not know which Packs will drop until you see them, and you will only see up to 50 of each Pack available at a time.

We will only sell 250 total of each of the 10 Packs. Each price tier will consist of 50 Packs. Over the next 5 weeks, 2 new Packs will be released each week until all 10 have sold their first tier.

More plainly: Only 2 different Packs (and only 50 of each) will be released each Tuesday. Total Packs each Tuesday = 100.

The next 5 weeks will account for one fifth of the return release. Look for more information over the coming weeks about when and how the remaining four fifths of Skin Packs will be released. Hint: Future sales will have higher pricing.

Stay tuned for updates on when you’ll have the chance to start using your Dragon Transport in Town Star! Good luck!

2 Skin Packs will return to the store tomorrow, Tuesday, February 8.

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