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Town Star Nodes — Round 2 Coming Soon

January 8, 2022
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This is your advance warning that it’s almost time for the next batch of Town Star Node licenses to hit the store.

Town Star Node FAQ

Licenses from the first batch in November were sold out in less than 5 minutes, so we want to ensure that everyone hoping to operate a Town Star Node will have all the information they need to be ready. While we cannot yet tell you exactly when the release will take place, we will fill you in on several important details.


At some point in the next two weeks, you will be given 48 hours’ notice (via article, Discord and email announcement) of the coming sale. At that time, we will give you a specific 2-hour window. The exact time during that 2-hour window at which the licenses will be available will not be revealed until the moment of release.

This is a new measure designed to encourage fairness and allow as many as possible the opportunity to participate in the extremely limited quantity drop. Prospective purchasers will have to watch closely in Discord and on the platform, as the licenses could be released at any time during that 2-hour window.


We are pleased to announce that Town Star Node licenses purchased with TOWN will be available for a discounted price. GALA-purchased licenses will also be discounted at a medium level, and other currencies will be accepted for the full retail price of the license.

The current number of Town Star Nodes in existence is determined by the number of players participating in Town Star Play-to-Earn. Each time a new batch of licenses is released price will either increase or stay the same. Below are the prices for the first batch of licenses that will be available in the coming release, but it is possible it will be followed by an additional batch at higher pricing.

TOWN Starting Price — $14,000

GALA Starting Price — $15,000

Other Currencies Starting Price — $17,500*

*USD prices are approximate and may vary slightly depending on fluctuating market value of TOWN, GALA and ETH.


Only 2 Town Star Node licenses may be purchased in a single transaction. This will allow a greater number of players to participate in the Game Specific Node Ecosystem and contribute to greater decentralization of our network.

Founder’s Node Drops

As previously mentioned, 5% of the total quantity of Town Star Node licenses will be distributed to Founder’s Node operators whose Nodes have met the minimum requirements for the day. For this upcoming batch of Town Star Node licenses, the Founder’s Node portion will be randomly distributed using the standard method the day before the sale.

Town Star Node licenses will also be distributed to Founder’s Node operators at that time to account for the licenses sold in November that exceeded the originally intended quantity. After this round of drops, 5% of the total quantity of Town Star Nodes will have been distributed to Founder’s Node operators.

Town Star Node FAQ

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