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Node Proposal — Legends Reborn

January 19, 2022
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A 24-hour Founder’s Node consensus vote will determine whether the play-to-earn CCG, Legends Reborn, will be added to the Gala Games Ecosystem.

The Gala Games team is always on the lookout for new genres to which NFT and play-to-earn mechanics can be added to empower players. Our passion for collectible card games runs deep. Not only are CCGs some of the most compelling and popular games in the world, but they are absolutely perfect for the addition of player ownership and the ability to earn.

Last year, we leaked some teasers for a passion project CCG called “Loki”. If you were part of our Discord community in the summer of 2021, you may remember animated images of low poly characters on cards. While the original concept has evolved and transformed a great deal, we are now happy to present its final form, and the next game for your consideration to join the Gala Games ecosystem: Legends Reborn!

This CCG was created by the incredible dev team at Kung Fu Factory, an accomplished independent game studio based in Los Angeles.

Legends Reborn art by Kung Fu Factory

Legends Reborn is a PVP-focused CCG set in a unique and distinctive fantasy world. Coming from the extremely experienced development team at Kung Fu Factory, the game features a lovely hand-drawn aesthetic, as well as a wide variety of heroes, creatures, and player-owned venues. Rich gameplay and in depth strategy offers robust and competitive gaming experience for all skill levels of CCG players.

The idea of player-owned land combines with NFT card ownership to create a revolutionary ecosystem where players have total control over not only their cards, but also the venues in which they compete. We are proud to submit the following proposal for Legends Reborn for the approval of our Founder’s Node operators.

  • Project Name: Legends Reborn
  • Game Developer: Kung Fu Factory
  • Genre: Collectible Card Game (CCG)
  • Node Drop Mechanism: Up to 8% of all NFTs/Tokens dropped to Node Operators based on the number of nodes online
  • Release Date: Late 2022

Tolkhiem is broken. The mighty have ravaged the land under the weight of war and conflict on an unimaginable scale, but in the wake of these hostilities, its people have learned to resolve their conflicts another way.

Gone are the days of warfare and destruction. Battles across Tolkhiem are no longer fought with sword and shield, but with coin, wit and the grace of the cards.

Welcome to the Age of Chance!

Legends Reborn art by Kung Fu Factory

The Vote

Will the Gala Founder’s Node operators agree to the addition of Legends Reborn into the Gala Games Ecosystem, in exchange for up to a 8% Distribution of all NFTs created by the game?

  • YES — A vote for including Legends Reborn in the Gala Games Ecosystem
  • NO — A vote against including Legends Reborn in the Gala Games Ecosystem
  • ABSTAIN — A vote showing no preference

To Vote: Open your Gala Game Node Software and click on the VOTING tab.

Voting Duration: The Node Vote will run from 12pm PT on Tuesday, January 18th 2022 until 11:59 AM PT on Wednesday, January 19th 2021.

Requirement to Pass: Simple Majority of Votes Cast

Pending the results of this Founder’s Node vote, we’re excited to launch the Legends Reborn website and begin the first Legends Reborn presale very soon. Watch closely for updates in the Discord community!

Kung Fu Factory

Gala Games Platform

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