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Something Legendary

January 22, 2022
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Join the Legends Reborn dev team for upcoming AMAs and the CCG’s first land presale next week!

This collectible card game created by Kung Fu Factory will combine time-tested CCG mechanics with the power of blockchain tech and play-to-earn in an exciting battle game with incredible art and competitive gameplay. Players will build collections of cards and refine their team of Creatures to battle foes seeking treasure and glory in the world of Tolkhiem!

CCG Evolved

Legends Reborn takes the CCG genre to the next level, featuring in-depth gameplay that rewards strategy and careful planning. Creature, Hero, and Action cards all contribute different elements, allowing you to create endless combinations of battle decks.

Creatures serve as the core of your deck and are accompanied by Action cards that can be used in a diverse range of both general and signature attacks– should you draw the cards you need. As the game progresses and Creatures begin to crowd the battlefield, players draw more Action cards, building the intensity of the match. Powerful Hero cards can also be drawn as you build momentum and can drastically change the course of the game.

Combining Creature, Hero, and Action cards to make decks means that you can customize the perfect team for your strategy and style. You can trade cards with other players or pick up new ones to experiment and refine your ideal deck.


WIP details — all subject to change

As you battle throughout Tolkhiem, your valiant efforts won’t go unrewarded. Players will receive rewards for various feats accomplished in battles versus other players each day in the form of the Legends Reborn native token which we will unveil soon. Not every battle will earn equally, but every PvP victory will increase your potential daily rewards.

Rewards will be distributed daily rather than after each battle, making it much easier to manage your incoming treasure. Daily rewards will have to be claimed, so be sure to return to the battlefield each day to avoid missing out.

Own the Arena

WIP details — all subject to change

One of the most exciting aspects of Legends Reborn is the idea of Venue ownership. In the world of Tolkhiem, culture has developed for centuries around settling disputes with a game rather than with bloodshed. As such a prominent force in society, Legends Reborn is a prestigious and honored event, and hosting a Venue in which players can compete is a highly respected and potentially rewarding role.

Legends Reborn art by Kung Fu Factory

As a Venue owner, you will not only enjoy the renown and status that comes with hosting matches, but also receive rewards from every battle in your Venue. The most successful and ambitious Venue owners can expand their reach and eventually own an entire Realm, which in turn entitles them to a share of rewards from any Venue within their territory.

The Venue Owner Game

Owning a Venue is an involved process, and almost a game of its own. Owners of Venues will not simply collect rewards based on the fact that they own a Venue, but are required to do a level of upkeep to maintain their Venue. Like an owner of a business establishment in real life, the Legends Reborn Venue owner will have the ability to actively improve their Venue for greater reward potential.

Venues will be customizable by the owner on several levels in both aesthetics and gameplay. Venues can be leveled up and decorative NFTs can be purchased, raising both the quantity and the caliber of matches that are welcome in that Venue. Essentially, the more advanced your Venue becomes, the greater the potential rewards you can earn.

The Age of Chance

In The Age of Conflict, Tolkhiem suffered terribly under the weight of war and destruction. As the world healed, the people learned to settle their differences with games of skill and chance rather than with violence. The Age of Chance forged a new society where the lowliest stableboy could defeat the most noble knight with the right determination and a great deal of practice.

In the world of Tolkhiem, Legends Reborn is a game in which all levels of disagreement are decided– from small land disputes to the fortunes of whole nations. Anyone who picks up a deck and begins to hone their skills becomes the owner of their destiny. Soon you can join in the same tradition and take charge of your fate.

Legends Reborn brings you into the world of Tolkhiem. Your ownership over your cards gives you the chance to earn exciting rewards as you explore the game, world, and culture of Legends Reborn. Just as in Tolkhiem, anyone can take control of their own destiny and rise to prominence through valor and skill in the arena.

Upcoming AMAs

All next week as we prepare for the initial Legends Reborn presale on January 26th, we will hold AMAs with the Kung Fu Factory dev team. The Korean language AMA was this morning and can be viewed at THIS LINK.

Monday 1/24 — Japanese AMA @ 5am PST

Tuesday 1/25 — Thai AMA @ 3am PST

Wednesday 1/26 — English AMA @ 3pm PST

Presale Next Week

The first presale for Legends Reborn will begin next week on Wednesday 1/26. In this sale, a limited number of Venues will be available in 6 different rarities. More details will be released as the day approaches, but to learn the exact time of the sale as early as possible, be sure to sign up at LegendsReborn.Game.

There it is! We’re beyond excited to bring this great CCG into the Gala Games Ecosystem. Development is moving fast and we’ll be dropping more updates as they become available. As always, thank you for being part of the Gala Games community.

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